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NCP Sweepstakes: 2019 New Year’s Resolution Scavenger Hunt

Always a “crowd favorite,” our latest NCP sweepstakes, the New Year’s Scavenger Hunt contest, has just ended. Did you find the images for the New Year’s Resolutions?

OK, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, the goal of this sweepstakes was to go through my 2018 blog postings and look for the six New Year’s Resolution-related images (graphics) that I had “planted” within specific blogs.

We had a …

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Check Out Our Redesigned Blog!

I’m sure you noticed we have a new look. We just thought we’d spruce things up a bit. I hope you like it! We’ve also included new links on the menu bar: If you’re not a panel member and would like to become one, just go to the...

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New PSC Hours For Phone Calls

As a marketing company NCP is constantly collecting and analyzing the data you provide to us. We are also constantly analyzing internal information, as we look to improve our internal operations. One of the things we measure is...

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