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What Are Your BBQ Flavor Favs?

There’s nothing better than a perfectly grilled, mouth-watering piece of meat. This summer more people will be visiting friends and family to enjoy a tasty BBQ. So with that, what are American’s favorite BBQ flavors?

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Have A Hamburger on National Hamburger Day

Of the many things we like to celebrate at the NCP Blog is any kind of special foodie day; and wouldn’t you know it, Friday, May 28, is National Hamburger Day! My mouth is already starting to water just thinking of a juicy burger with all the fixins’.

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It’s National Pretzel Day!

One of my guilty pleasures is eating pretzels. Yes, I know they’re loaded with carbs and sodium, but boy are they great! Today, April 26, is National Pretzel Day. And who doesn’t love a good pretzel?! Many of our panel members do, especially those who live in the Northeast.

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