Want to know what NCP Panel Membership is like? Who better to tell you than some of our actual panel members? Join Cassie, Chris, Kat and Hailey as they share their experiences as part of the NCP family!

Hi, my name is Cassie and I live in Virginia. My name is Chris and I live in Texas. My name is Kat and I live in New York. My name is Haley, I live in Louisiana. I’ve been on the panel for around five years. For just over eight years.

I’ve been on the panel I would say about two years. For almost seven years. My favorite thing about being a panel member is that I get to do what I love, which is shopping, and then I get rewarded for doing so.

So my favorite part about being on the panel probably would be the rewards because it can be so helpful if you are trying to buy something but you don’t necessarily have the money in your budget right then, you can get a gift card that can help offset the cost. You’re using the NCP points towards Amazon gift cards.

Some of the rewards I’ve gotten are Amazon gift cards. Sometimes I’ll use them towards a big gift I’m trying to buy or other times I’ll just use them for regular household items. But I also like that by scanning my purchases I’m impacting the market as well as retailers by telling what I am and not purchasing.

So usually what I do is I have like an item for example like I bought some shampoo and I bought some conditioner earlier today and so like as soon as I get home, I lay everything down on my dining room table and I just take out my app and I scan each item and then I have my receipt there with me too because it’s usually in the bag, and I scan my items. I put down any coupons or any deals that might have been going on in-store.

My habits when it comes to scanning is to do it as soon as I get home, otherwise while it’ll never get done. My routine with scanning is as soon as I buy the items and I get home, I’ll open up the app. I’ve got everything listed for me, I know what store I came from. The app is just so user friendly, it’s it’s so easy.

If I order something online, I usually try to make sure I do it as soon as I get it, as soon as I open it. Usually when I’m doing my online shopping, in order to remember like to scan my items as soon as they come in, I take it over to my dining room table. I go ahead and pull out my app right then and there. That’s the easiest one to forget about scanning is you’re online. Because you get it, you open it, you’re like oh I got a book, and I got a piece, you know I got a shirt, and then you just put it away everywhere and then you’re like wait what did I buy? Where is it? I have to go back and scan it. Once you put it away you’re not going to do it.

I really enjoy being a panel member, just been a lot of fun. My experience with the panel has been amazing. It’s a community I love being a part of, and I just love how easy and open communication is with everybody, so if I have any questions I can easily reach out and I know that I’ll get like a response pretty quickly. It doesn’t take much time, it is a lot of fun, and it is very rewarding.

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