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Watch as Naomi, Jeremy, Kirsten, Ameka, and Heather share their favorite things about panel membership, their scanning routine, and tips and tricks for fellow panel members.

My name is Naomi and I live in Texas. My name is Jeremy and I live in Arkansas. My name is Kirsten and I’m from Vermont. My name is Ameka and I live in Pennsylvania. I’m Heather and I live in Wisconsin.

I have been on the NCP panel for over 7 years. A little over 2 years. For 11 years. Around 2 and 1/2 years. For 2 years.

My favorite part of being an NCP panel member is just that little bonus of, you know, getting something back for things you’re already buying. I really like being able to give my feedback on products and what I’m buying and where I’m buying it because these things matter to me and they influence other people as well, the sort of decisions they make and the sort of decisions that companies make. It feels good over time to watch myself be impactful.

So you open it up and it’s going to tell you to pick your store. I have a bunch of favorites that are like my regular stores that I go to and so I go to the bottom, click on neighborhood Walmart, and then it opens up the camera and it’s telling you to start scanning.

So look for the barcode, turn it, scan it. It’s just really easy to do. I just take a picture of my barcodes of whatever it is I purchased. So it’s real simple and the surveys, I try to just keep on top of them. It’s just kind of an easy thing to do um and even though it’s on my phone it doesn’t feel as like mindless as scrolling social media. So if I find myself on my phone I’m like, well if I do some surveys I can earn some points and make a little extra fun money.

It’s kind of fun ’cause you can just scan and put everything in. Save your points and you can get these awesome prizes or really cool gift cards. Usually I’ve cashed them in for Amazon gift cards. I’ve cashed in my points to get a handheld mixer. Didn’t have one, I’m like, I need one, so I got one. All I have to do, scan some barcodes, say what I bought, and then I can get a gift card to go back and then buy more stuff. I usually get the Amazon gift cards and then it’s a treat to pick out something I want or put it towards something that I had an interest in. I would say NCP has made a positive impact in my life just by helping make bills a little more bearable.

So my scanning routine usually involves watching TV and just scanning things while I’m relaxing. My scanning routine is, I get home and I scan the items just using my phone, or if items are delivered to me, I’ll scan them as I open a package. I make sure I do it right away so it’s fresh in my mind and I don’t have to worry about it.

With my scanning routine, it’s tied into putting things away, so I’ll set everything on the table, I’ll get the receipt out, I’ll pick up an item, scan it, look at the receipt, how much it cost, and then I put it away. You do have to put in a little bit of time and effort, but you’re reaping benefits that make sense and are equal to the amount of effort that you’re putting in, if not more.

Just make habits, make routines, make reminders in your personal calendar, keep it on your home page, and just get yourself into that rhythm. My advice to someone interested in joining NCP would be just go into it patient and diligent. Make a habit of doing it every day and it’ll add up pretty quick.

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