Get ready to gobble up the results of our recent Thanksgiving Traditions survey. We have a feast of panel members insights to share, from their favorite foods to the most enjoyed activities and more!

A Feast of Food

What’s your favorite traditional Thanksgiving Day food? We weren’t surprised to find that the majority of our panel members- 37%- answered turkey! But stuffing was a close runner-up, with 28% of respondents naming it their favorite. Other top turkey day dishes include:

– Sweet potato casserole (12%)
– Other (9%)
– Mashed potatoes (8%)
– Green bean casserole (6%)

On the topic of cranberry sauce, 40% of panel members surveyed prefer theirs from the can! Just 31% prefer homemade sauce, while 29% don’t like it or don’t eat it.

What about the pies? Once again, it wasn’t a surprise to see pumpkin pie take the top spot, with 40% of respondents saying they enjoy it the most.

Other popular pies include pecan (21%), apple (19%), and sweet potato (10%).

When do you like to eat your Thanksgiving meal? Panel members who responded to the survey typically eat the big meal between 2-4 p.m. That time slot is closely followed by 12-2 p.m., with 33% of respondents sticking to a traditional lunch time. But a number of you choose the dinner hour, with 23% indicating the meal is served between 4-6 p.m. A tiny portion of you enjoy a Thanksgiving brunch, with 1% eating before noon.

Travel Time

Thanksgiving is often a time for families and friends to get together. We asked panel members who they typically spend Thanksgiving with, and the majority (56%) usually spend the day with immediate family.

– 17% spend the day with both friends and family
– 15% spend the day with extended family
– 7% spend the day on their own
– 5% spend time with friends or others besides family

This week is a heavy travel time for many people, also, especially if family doesn’t live nearby. Slightly more than half of our panel members (52%) said they are not traveling anywhere for the holiday this year.

– 35% will travel between 1-50 miles
– 5% will travel between 51-100 miles
– 9% will travel more than 100 miles

Turkey Day Activities

The television is no doubt on in many households during Thanksgiving, with several popular events airing on the holiday! We asked panel members what their most watched television programs are on Thanksgiving:

1-Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
3-Holiday movies
4-The National Dog Show

With all the food preparation, travel, people, and activities happening, the holidays can sometimes be stressful. Panel members shared the most challenging parts of Thanksgiving Day with us, and the majority (29%) said nothing! That’s great to hear. For the rest of you who responded, though, here are the stressful parts of the day:

– 27% Preparation/cooking
– 23% Cleaning
– 7% Traveling
– 6% Something else
– 4% So many people in the house
– 4% All the shopping

After the flurry of activity on Thanksgiving Day, the vast majority of panel members (65%) relax the following day. Many of you move on to the next holiday, with 21% of you starting to decorate for the holidays and 20% of you shopping. Another 13% of panel members work on Friday, while 7% spend time on other activities. A small percentage, 2%, travel the day after Thanksgiving.

And finally, we wondered how the increased cost of food will impact your Thanksgiving shopping. Here’s what panel members said:
– 52% will look for sales
– 29% will use more coupons
– 24% will cut back
– 24% don’t anticipate any impact
– 20% will not be shopping/hosting
– 7% will have fewer guests.

And that’s it for this edition of “In The Know!” Do you have a topic you’d like to see covered? Let us know!

Panel Member Reminders

Whether you’re shopping for food, gifts, or something else, be sure to scan your purchases and report your trips. And remember, your in-store and online purchases both count!

Our YouTube channel has some great videos with helpful tips to keep in mind as you shop this season- such as how to report sales and coupons, what to do if a barcode won’t scan, how to report items without barcodes, how to report online deliveries, and more. Check it out and be sure to subscribe!

As a reminder, the Panel Support Center will be closed on Thanksgiving Day (Thursday, Nov. 23), as well as Friday, Nov. 24. You can always email our support team at [email protected], and a representative will assist you as soon as they’re able.

We hope you enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday!


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