A new edition of NCP’s In The Know (ITK) is here! And, Halloween will be here before we know it!

Step into the spooktacular world of Halloween through the results of our recent Halloween Spirit Survey. Discover what our panel members have to say about enchanting costumes, sweet trick-or-treat traditions, bewitching decor and much more! 

Halloween Activities and Decor

Do you decorate for Halloween or participate in any activities? Here’s a list of the top 10 activities that our panel members take part in during the Halloween season:

  1. Decorate my home
  2. Stay home and hand out candy/treats
  3. Watch Halloween-themed movies/TV shows
  4. Carve pumpkins
  5. Bake and/or make Halloween crafts
  6. Visit a pumpkin patch/corn maze
  7. Dress up in a costume
  8. Go trick-or-treating with kids
  9. Attend a community Halloween event
  10. Visit Halloween-themed/spooky houses

Of the survey respondents, 29% indicated that they don’t participate in any Halloween activities.

For those panel members who like to put out Halloween decorations, most begin to do so in the middle of October. Of our survey respondents, 44% choose not to decorate. Here’s what you said about when you decorate:

  • 31% beginning of October
  • 11% middle of October
  • 7% after Labor Day
  • 5% Right before Halloween
  • 2% On or before Halloween

What kinds of decorations are you using? Here are the top five types of decorations:

  • Pumpkins/Jack-O-Lanterns
  • Window decorations
  • Spiders and webs
  • Skeletons/tombstones/mummies
  • Ghosts

And finally, here’s where you are putting your decorations:

  • 77% inside the home
  • 73% outside the home
  • 9% at your place of work
  • 3% in or on your vehicle
  • 2% in the garage

Halloween Treats

Do you like to buy or eat Halloween candy? The top five most-purchased Halloween treats, according to our survey, are:

  1. Chocolate candy
  2. MIxed assortments
  3. Gummies/fruit-flavored candy
  4. Other treats (snacks, chips, etc)
  5. Lollipops

We also asked if you provide treat options for children with allergies. Of our survey respondents, 73% said they don’t offer any alternative options. However, 15% of you offer allergy-free options, while 12% offer non-food options for your trick-or-treaters.

And how many trick-or-treaters are you getting at your homes? Some of you (10%) said you aren’t home, and 33% of survey respondents said they have none. Those respondents who are home said the following:

  • 18% less than 20
  • 12% 10-20
  • 16% 21-50
  • 11% more than 50

To Dress Up Or Not To Dress Up

When it comes to costumes, 76% of our survey respondents said they don’t dress up for Halloween.

Here’s a list of the top five favorite types of costumes:

  1. Scary costumes i.e. clowns, zombies, etc.
  2. Animals or insects
  3. Disney or fairy tale characters
  4. TV/movie characters
  5. Cartoon characters

Don’t forget about the pets! If you have animals in the home, do you dress them in costume for Halloween? Here’s what our survey respondents said:

  • 48% Don’t dress up their pet
  • 13% Dress up their pet
  • 39% Don’t have a pet

Halloween Spending

How much do you typically spend on Halloween? This might include costumes, candy, decorations, entertainment, and anything else related to the holiday.

  • 41% spend up to $50
  • 26% spend nothing
  • 18% spend $51-$100
  • 11% spend $101-$200
  • 4% spend over $200

That’s it for this edition of In The Know! Got a tpic you would like us to cover with ITK? Let us know!

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