With the pandemic, last year’s Halloween was a scary time for everyone. Well, this year things are hopefully a bit better where you live. It’ll be scary, but a different kind of scary! Kids and adults are really ready to celebrate the holiday!

Halloween Spending (And Fun) Up This Year!

This year IS certainly different than last year. Consumer spending on Halloween-related items is expected to reach an all-time high of $10.14 billion, up from $8.05 billion in 2020, according to the National Retail Federation.

An estimated 65% of Americans intend to celebrate Halloween or participate in Halloween activities this year, up from 58% in 2020 and comparable with 68% in 2019 before the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the NRF.

Celebrate Halloween, Come On!

The top ways consumers are planning to celebrate include handing out candy (66%), decorating their home or yard (52%), dressing in costumes (46%), carving a pumpkin (44%), hosting or attending a party (25%), taking children trick-or-treating (25%), dressing up their pet(s) (20%), and visiting a “haunted house” (18%), according to NRF statistics.

On average, consumers plan to spend $102.74 on costumes, candy, decorations, and greeting cards — $10 more than they planned to spend last year.

Households with children are estimated to spend more than twice the amount than households without children ($149.69 compared with $73.57) on Halloween items. This year, spending on decorations will continue to climb to $3.17 billion, up from last year’s $2.59 billion. Totalspending on costumes is the highest it has been since 2017 at $3.32 billion, according to the NRF.

Even More Spooky Facts!

Here are some more crazy Halloween facts, according to wallethub.com:

  • 79% of parents admit to stealing candy from their kids (that’s me and my husband!)
  • $5.24: Average retail price of a pumpkin (up 38% from 2020)
  • 1.38 billion pounds of pumpkins are produced in the U.S. each year
  • 1921: The year of the first citywide Halloween celebration, in Anoka, Minnesota
  • 1927: The year when the phrase “trick or treat” was first used in the U.S.
  • Nearly 90% of parents have a plan for helping their children enjoy candy in moderation
  • 60% of Americans say chocolate is their favorite Halloween treat (It’s definitely my favorite treat!)

Remember To Record Your Treats

Please make sure and record everything you purchase for Halloween. We’d like to know what candy and other Halloween-related items you purchase for this holiday.

Thanks, and have a great Halloween!

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