Have you ever wondered how to report an item that you purchased that doesn’t have a barcode? Our new video will show you how! Follow along as James explains how to use NCPMobile to submit an item without a barcode.

Hi, it’s James from NCP. Today we’re going to take a look at using NCPMobile to report items you purchase that don’t have a UPC barcode, such as fruits and vegetables, baked goods, cut flowers, takeout orders, even gasoline. You can find these products and more in NCPMobile’s Non-Barcoded Items list.

So how do you report items you buy that don’t have a UPC? Start by tapping “Scan New Purchases,” then selecting your store. At the bottom of the Scan Barcode screen, tap “this item does not have a barcode.” You’ll then see a list of non-barcoded items to choose from.

So let’s say you wanted to pick up some bagels for Sunday brunch, so you stopped at a deli or bagel store. Since fresh bagels don’t have a UPC, you would select Baked Goods from the Non-Barcoded Items list, then select Bagels, then enter the price you paid for the bagels. No quantity is needed, it’s as easy as that.

Now, sometimes you may purchase prepackaged baked goods, meats, cold cuts, or cheeses that have a store-printed label on them that looks like a UPC barcode. When you buy these items, scan the barcode. On the app, you’ll see “Select Product Needed.” Tap on that button and go through the process of reporting the item just like I showed you in the bagel example.

Unfortunately, NCP can’t have every category of non-barcoded items on the list. If you don’t see the item you purchased on the list, then you don’t need to report it. But, be sure to include the item in the total amount spent of your whole shopping trip.

Also, NCP does not collect purchase information for services such as hair salons, nail salons, car washes, automobile services, doctor visits, and so on.

Oh and one more thing I’d like to mention- NCPMobile does not accept alpha-numeric barcodes from Amazon.com or clearance barcodes that are placed over a regular barcode. If you’re unable to remove the alpha-numeric barcode label to get to the UPC barcode, please check the non-barcoded items list for an appropriate category to report the purchase, otherwise you’ll need to skip the item when scanning, but do include it in your total amount spent.

We hope you found this information on reporting non-barcoded items to be helpful. Tell us what you think of our video in the comments below. Thanks for watching!

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