Have you ever wondered how to report a shopping trip when you used a coupon or purchased an item that was on sale? James from NCP is here to explain how to report coupons, discounts, and other promotions on NCPMobile.

Hey everyone, it’s James from NCP. When scanning your purchases, it’s important to tell us about any discounts or promotions you receive. This way manufacturers and retailers can determine which deals have the most impact on your purchase decisions.

There are three main types of promotion information NCP collects: coupons, store sales, and other types of sales. Let’s begin with coupons.

The most common types are store and manufacturer coupons. Store coupons are distributed by retailers to use in their store, while manufacturer coupons are distributed by companies that make the products and they can be used in any store where the product is sold.

So how is this information collected in the NCPMobile app? I’m glad you asked!

If you use a store or manufacturer coupon, you should enter the total amount of the discount you received. For example, let’s say you purchased a box of cereal and used a 50 cent off manufacturer coupon.

Here’s what you would do. First, select the store you shopped at. Then, scan the items barcode. Enter the price of the item before the coupon was applied. Select “yes” to “was there a promotion.” Select manufacturer coupon. Enter 50 cents and choose received at home. Finish reporting any other items and then submit the shopping trip.

Now, let’s move on to store sales. There are several different types. You could get a percentage or a dollar amount taken off the price of an item. Or maybe the item is already marked down to a lower price. In any case, after scanning the item, if you need to enter the price you would enter the discounted price you paid for the item and then choose the store sale promotion type to report the purchase.

So, for example, if you buy a new coffee maker that’s been discounted down from 65 dollars to 35 dollars, you’d enter 35 dollars and then select the store sale promotion.

The other sale promotion option covers all other types of deals, discounts, and promotions that did not come directly from a retailer or manufacturer. These might include promotion codes, Groupon deals, price-matching, military and employee discounts, and so on.

For more details on reporting coupons and sales, visit the Community Center on the home page for the NCP panel member website and click on reporting coupons and sales.

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