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The Wonderful World Of Coupons

Like almost everybody else, I LOVE coupons! And I’m sure most of you do, too. In fact, according to, 85% of Americans use coupons.

Do you use coupons? If so, where do you get your coupons? Oh, and another thing: A few times I’ve forgotten to bring my (paper) coupons with me to the store. Anyone have any suggestions for remembering to bring and use their coupons? Let us know by leaving a comment!

Anyway, a website called pulled together a massive amount of information about coupons. Here are just a few of the very interesting stats cited:

  • 97% of consumers look for deals when they shop and 92% said they are always looking
  • 81% of consumers search for dining deals on a regular basis
  • 85% of consumers look for coupons prior to visiting a retailer
  • 74% of consumers review circulars and print ads before making a purchase
  • $3.1 billion was saved by consumers in 2017 thanks to coupons
  • 42% of consumers save over $30/week using coupons; 30% save over $50/week
  • Over half of consumers use a coupon in at least one of every four purchases
  • 87% of Millennials, 91% of Generation Xers and 96% of Baby Boomers used coupons in 2016
  • 53% of consumers indicated they invest over two hours a week looking for deals and savings across all sources
  • 55% of consumers said they use both digital and paper coupons
  • 52% of consumers print out digital coupons for use in stores

Finally, here are some useful scanning tips regarding coupons and deals:

  • If you purchase items using a special deal like a coupon, discount, or store sale, please let us know. Manufacturers and retailers really want to know what types of deals you’re using when you buy their products.
  • Many coupons have barcodes on them. Of course we want you to tell us about any coupons you use, but please do not scan the barcode on the coupon. Although the scanner or NCPMobile App may accept the barcode, the information is not readable to us.

Well, I have to get back to clipping my coupons! Have a great weekend, and happy shopping!

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57 thoughts on “The Wonderful World Of Coupons”

  1. I saved my junk envelopes to use as a shopping list and place my paper coupons inside the envelope! I also like using online coupons linked to my favorite store cards!

    1. I use several apps like ibotta. It’s kind of electronic couponing. For instance if I buy a product in the app I get whatever the amount is for that product. Once you have $20.00 you can withdraw the money to pay pal, you can put the amount on your choice of many different gift cards, etc. I don’t know if I am supposed to be recording that as a promotion.

  2. What about rebate apps like ibotta? Say I buy a product because it has a rebate? I don’t get that money back until a few days after the purchase… would I record that on NCP at all?

  3. I save all the pre addressed envelopes that are sometimes enclosed in our junk mail and I use them to write my shopping list on the blank side of the envelope. I then slip all the corresponding coupons for that shopping order safely in the envelope. No coupons ever left at home!!!

  4. Any apps out there yet that u can save the coupon to ur phone and use them when u shop. Or do stores or manufacturers require that u hand in a paper coupon. You would think stores and manufacturers would be up to speed with this concept by now. Wish I could design an app that would do just that. So much time saving and you’ll never forget them. Unless u forget ur phone. Let me know if there is anything like this. I would definitely take advantage.

    1. Some stores have digital coupons which are still manufacture coupons. Dollar General is a great store to coupon at using the digital coupons.

  5. Those who are spending over 2hours a week on their couponing need to multiply their hourly wage x 2 to see if they are not being penny-wise and pound foolish to spend that amount of time on smaller savings.
    If MOST PEOPLE refused to invest the time, manufacturers would find less time-consuming ways to grant savings.
    An example is coupons ON the product or in the aisle, rather than loading or clipping coupons at home prior to shopping.

  6. Thank you for the helpful insights.
    Today is my first day of downloading the NCP Mobile App. I’m 90% sure that I’m confident of knowing how it’s going to play out. I’m excitied.
    I do have a suggestion to having an idea to not forget your coupons before leaving the house. Here is my routin of coupon clipping, shopping list and a rough draft of our meals planned daily for 6 day week, cause I normally do our shopping early Saturday or Sunday.
    I keep a daily organizer of my shopping list, my meal plan for the upcoming week. I split my paper coupons (printed from home & manufactures coupons) into simply 2 piles; Perish foods & Non Perish foods. I always have my planner in my tote at all times. While I’m in the parking lot about to walk in a Grocery store, I pull out my planner and do a quick glance at my shopping list & coupons. I would have my coupons for that visit with my shopping list. Walk out satisfied. Keep coupons with you at all times, you will be amazed how much money you saved.

  7. I write my list on a envelope that I recycle from my mail, which makes it easier to store my coupons in for that trip to that specific store. My list consist of item, price, coupons and final price. This makes it easier to add up my total that I will pay at checkout. After I have checked out, I check my receipt that all manufacturers and digital coupons have come off. Then, you can go to customer service or stay at the register with any issues and get your rain checks at the same time.

  8. I love coupons you could say I’m a coupon addict! Every thing I read just now I do that. Every week I go through my fliers and coupons and if that product is on sale and I have a coupon I buy it. I have a spare bedroom that has my stock pile. Lol! My children shop here.
    Thank you for the information.

  9. When preparing my shopping list (using the store ad for the week) I go through all of my coupons to use & those that might be expiring. I print my list and attach an additional piece of paper folded up 1/3 and stapled on the sides to hold the coupons I will be using that day. (I reuse the same paper pocket until it gets pretty ragged!) Voila! No forgotten coupons…..

  10. I regularly check paper ads received in the mail. I also use flipping and specific sites (Walgreen’s, Walmart, etc.). I particularly like stores that provide digital coupons.

  11. I belong to a Facebook page that anyone can join that gives you a weeks notice on sale items and coupons you can buy or clip.

  12. Thank you I have to use paper because I never seem to do the ones on line correct I love the blog of ideas thank you

  13. I have found that some of the stores in my area no longer take coupons that are printed from online websites like

  14. We have a white board where we put needed items for the grocery store and as magnets attach to it that is where we put coupons so it is easy to grab them as we write our shopping list. I also use envelopes from mail so coupons go into the envelope and list on the back

  15. My local stores will not accept computer generated ciupons.
    What can I do?
    I’ve tried directly contacting companies and they tell me to buy the Sunday paper to get coupons.
    I cannot afford to spend $1.50 per week for a newspaper that, more often than not, has no coupons that I can use.
    Wal-Mart does accept computer coupons but only in the store. I cannot get to a Wal-Mart store unless I pay for a wheelchair lift van which is too expensive. Not to mention that I cannot move my wheelchair and push a shopping cat.

    1. I work at a small business that clips their ad out of the local free paper, but I get the inserts including the quarterly coupon book from one of our local competitors. You could try asking some of the local businesses and your neighbors for the inserts from their papers. Be careful when asking businesses and clarify you want them from the papers they aren’t selling.

      Personally, I take any coupons that I know I won’t use either because we don’t buy the product-cat food or hair dye, for example- or because I know I won’t get to a store that sells the product before the coupons expire to a local laundromat and leave them for others to use.

  16. If you want to remember the coupons when you go to the store, you have to have a routine. I have a coupon bag that goes with me to the grocery store every time

  17. I used to bring a whole coupon book with me, when my children were small, now with just my husband and I, I buy less items that have coupons, so I reserve a pocket in my purse and t ry to remember to look through them as I shol.

  18. A useful way I use to remember my coupons, is to look at ads like grocery flyers we all get in the newspapers.
    See what’s on sale make a list of what your going to buy & than go coupon searching for what you plan on buying.
    Look at coupons in your Sunday paper, online, and in the apps you use for certain stores.
    Put all of the paper coupons you’ve printed out or cut out in a big white envelope, it also helps to write what coupons are in the envelope and what percent off they’ll be.
    Last but not least. Remember that envelope when you walk out that door.
    Another tip would be to leave the coupon envelope in your car, you’ll always have them with you. 😊

  19. Since my Sunday newspaper has a small, limited amount of coupons, I researched clipping services for coupons. I use klip2save to purchase the coupons I will use. The site doesn’t have a require a minimum amount of coupons to purchase nor to spend. Shipping is reasonable $1.00 no matter how many I purchase. I’m able to use PayPal to pay for my purchase, which is usually built up from my ibotta earnings.

  20. I keep a folder in my car that I keep all my coupons in that way they’re with me even if I forget when I leave the house and usually my list on the table

  21. If you forget your paper coupon(s), many stores will redeem them if you return within a certain amount of time with your receipt. Check with your store’s customer service desk first.

  22. Question
    I never understand how to enter my multiple coupons for multiple items. For instance if I buy 8 soaps and have a coupon for each of the 8, when putting in the coupon value, do I enter the total of all the coupons or just the total of one? IE: I buy 8 soaps, have 8 $1 coupons. At the coupon page of entry, now I enter $8. Is that correct?

  23. Sometimes when I’m scanning, a message will come up to put an item aside for a photo. I have no idea what to do or how to do that! Please explain.

    1. That is for something else ncp offers as a way to get more points. It’s a separate app and when that message pops up, once your done your transmission you go into the other app and take pictures of that item it told you to set aside. They want to know more about the product.

    1. I also attach my grocery list with clip & coupons in order of store layout. I mark on my list with highlight items I have coupons for

  24. Remember coupons: once clipped place three in your wallet.
    If you get a coupon via email save the email in a special folder then when you shop pull up your email and use the coupon or code that is on the email.
    Saw special on a website but no printer? No problem just talk the clerk and show the website 99% they will honor the coupon.

  25. Before my shopping trips I ready my list of items needed and a few misc. then I check coupon sites to see if there are any coupons for items on my list then check coupon apps then store digital coupons. I use a coupon wallet to separate them and carry them to the store before leaving to go shopping I check for keys, coupon wallet shopping list and then I go.

  26. I used to use coupons a lot but since I’ve changed to more discounted store I can’t even recall the last time I’ve used them.

  27. Thank you Taylor for sharing this great, valuable information.
    Two things:
    When I clip paper coupons, I immediately place them in my overstuffed purse. I have this to be the best answer for me since I always take my purse shopping with me. Even then, I sometimes forget to use them, unless I note this on my shopping list.
    Next , I am grateful for the information on using the coupon’s barcode. Now I can eliminate my frustration of trying to record the coupon’s barcode.

    Thanks again for all you do.

  28. I have digital apps from my grocery stores that I use to check the sales for the week!! I also use some of the stores coupons !! Sometimes I print out coupons from coupons . Com!! I usually use the coupons when the store is having a sale , so I can double or triple the savings.

  29. If you don’t get a newspaper you don’t get paper coupons where I live. You may be able to use an app for coupons, but not always.

  30. I have a coupon binder I carry with me EVERYWHERE I go and I carry my restaurant coupons in an envelope in my purse. I use to view what deals are in my area that match what coupons are out in the ads. I buy multiple newspapers, print online coupons, and use digital coupons. Some stores let you combine store coupons with manufacturer coupons ( such as RiteAid).

  31. I use a binder to clip my coupons to my list and next to that item on my list I either put the word coupon or a C in the margin. When my boys were little we made a game out of using coupons. Whatever money we saved we would use that money to do something fun with. It was hard being a single mom with no help from dad ! Now it’s just me so my grocery bill is little to nothing lol !

  32. I have spent my time wisely when it comes to coupons. I keep a check file with separated tabbed sections according to the way my favorite supermarket aisles are arranged. Each section is divided up as if you were walking through and in chronological order of expiration dates.
    As I shop, I gather the needed savings & purge the out-of-date coupons.
    Over the past 20 years I’ve saved an average of 9k every year!

    1. They aren’t restricting them, they are restricting how you can use them. Like you can no longer use a digital coupons and a paper coupon on one product anymore. But most store encourage coupons and actually provide digital coupons for you to clip on your store loyalty card right from their very own website.
      The only app stores don’t like is the Retailmenot app. They say those coupons can be altered very easily and that’s why they refuse them from that app. They say around Christmas time is the worst, ppl will put coupons on there that expired 6 years ago and alter the date so ppl try to use them and they end up in arguments with customers. Customers have it in their head that they are always right when that is not the case.

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