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Do You Know Your Stores?

Every year NCP updates its Store List in the scanner and in the NCPMobile App. I love to review the store list and get to know the different stores.

I’ve gone to several NCP focus groups across the country and heard panel members talk about their local stores. This has helped me learn more about stores in other states that I wouldn’t be aware of otherwise. Now, when I travel, I recognize a lot of the store names!

Check out our Store Name List and Store Type Descriptions: This is a helpful reference list, so be sure to take some time to familiarize yourself with all the different store names and store types on it. (NOTE: Stores specific to your area are NOT included on this list.)

As you know, it is very important that you not only record your food store purchases, but also your purchases from all the other types of stores.

So when you record a shopping trip, be very careful to choose the correct store name; if you can’t find the store name, please select the appropriate store type. If you still can’t find the right Store Type, use “All Other Stores.” Even though you won’t be telling us the specific store, we can still use these information, plus you’ll be credited with having provided us with a shopping trip.

Here are some Store Types (and descriptions) that you might not have thought of and that we want you to be aware of:

  • Bagel Store – Sells fresh-baked bagels and rolls right and refrigerated items, such as milk, eggs, juice, butter and cream cheese.
  • Beverage Store – Sells a large selection of soda, beer, water, etc. (Some items may be sold in large quantities.)
  • Bodega – Small grocery store that sells primarily ethnic/international items, such as tortillas and plantains, as well as beverages, snacks, prepared foods and household products.
  • Butcher – Sells a wide variety of meats. A clerk-attended counter is usually where you’ll place your order.
  • Close-Out Store – Sells a little bit of everything at highly discounted prices.
  • Coop/Farm/Feed – Sells bulk packages of food for livestock (i.e., cattle, horses, sheep) and other animals, such as dogs and cats. Primarily located in rural farm areas across the U.S. Veterinary supplies may be on hand, too. They also carry seeds that farmers use to plant their crops.
  • Craft Store – Sells mostly craft/hobby items, such as art supplies, yarn, ribbon, dried flowers, baskets, sewing patterns, etc.
  • Dairy Delivery – Use this if you have milk and other dairy products, such as cheese and ice cream, delivered to your door.
  • Fish Market/Store – Sells all types of fresh caught or frozen fish, as well as condiments to accompany your “catch.” This type of store can also be used for “open-air” markets where you can select your fish from outside stands.
  • Flea Market/Swap Meet – You’ll find all sorts of products in this type of “store.” It could be clothing, housewares, furnishings, beauty products, crafts and food, just to name a few. They may be permanent or temporary structures (indoor/outdoor) with many booths/stalls and may meet once or twice a week.
  • Free Sample/Gift – Use this when you receive a free sample or a free gift. Enter 0 (zero) for the price. Note: If you receive a free sample in a store, use the store name to record it.
  • Fruit Stand/Store – Sells all types of fruits and vegetables. They may also sell some other food products and perhaps even sell fruit trays, baskets and platters.
  • Garden Store – Sells all types of gardening supply items, including potted plants, fresh flowers, gardening tools, seeds, etc.
  • Home Delivery – Use this store type if there’s a store in your town where the only means of ordering a product is by phone and then it’s delivered to your home.
  • Hospital Pharmacy – Use this store type if you pick up medication from a pharmacy located in a hospital.
  • Kennel/Vet – Use this store type to record purchases made at a kennel or veterinarian’s office.
  • Mail Order – Use this when ordering an item by mailing an order form or calling a customer service phone number after making your selection from a catalog or flyer.
  • Manufacturer Outlet – Manufacturers of all types of products have outlets where they sell their products at discounted prices. Sometimes these are in “outlet malls.”
  • Military Store – Use this store type if you make purchases from a store located on a military base.
  • Pro Shop – Specializes in selling everything you need for one specific sport. Some Pro Shops are even located in sporting facilities, such as tennis courts, golf courses, bowling alleys and skating rinks.
  • Tobacco Store – Primarily sells cigarettes, cigars and other smoking accessories.
  • TV/Home Shopping – Use this store type specifically for merchandise (clothes, jewelry, etc.) that you purchased because you saw the item on television.
  • Vending Machine – Use this store type if you buy items from a vending machine, such as candy, soda, snacks, sandwiches, etc.

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24 thoughts on “Do You Know Your Stores?”

  1. Its a shame here in florida bay county is still not up to half par with availability of stores an shops…whats left…so sad

  2. I often go to hobby lobby and a lot of the merchandise doesn’t have a scan bar. After I put in no upc what option should I chose from the list?

    1. Hi, if you see something listed, then record your purchase. Unfortunately, not everything is listed, so if you don’t see anything that matches, you may not be able to tell us about that particular purchase.

  3. Many on-line stores such as: wish, geek, Rosegal, etc. I input as on-line barcodes are not always excepted as in the Chinese barcodes; so I go to non-barcode and apparel, as I personally shop these sites quite often. You should add an electronics non-barcoded site for a similar purpose. Thank you so very much.

  4. Thank you for this. I didn’t realize I was missing out on recording alot of stuff I’ve won on the 90 second auction site tophatter

  5. When you purchase items att Pro shop or kennel and vet, spas and other places and it doesnt have a barcode you selections are very limited. You need to expand your product selection list…Another thing I am surprised is you don’t have stop and shop it’s a huge chain of stores.

  6. Thanks. I’ve shopped at Farmer’s Markets. I used to do Doortodoororganics, sadly they’re closed now. I do Pastosa and Pet Oasis for my pets as my primary stores, neither of them are on the lists. Like with the pet store, if I’m shopping and there’s no bar code, but there also is not an option to choose pet supplies- pet treats or something like that.

  7. I have more trouble finding an appropriate category under the “no bar code” section. Could use some serious improvements.

  8. At some of the discount stores they have their own bar code that can not be scanned and the items are not in the selections. How do we register these items

  9. Another good thing to know about your stores is which ones if any let you use your coupons past the expiration date. I have one particular store that is a chain store and their policy is to use coupons 10 days after expiration, there are other stores, same name, same sales, within 10 miles of this particular store but they are sticklers on expiration dates. So don’t throw away those expired coupons so quickly, find out your stores policy!

  10. I get my hair done at JCPenney salon but there’s no option for it even in the Salon/Barber itself. Would this subcategory be available pretty soon?

    The blog is very informative by the way. I love to shop online but always forget to record them.

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