There are many ways to choose a store name. Sometimes stores are named after their founder: Macy’s (originally R. H. Macy & Co.) was founded in 1858 by Rowland Hussey Macy. And sometimes it’s simply by looking through a dictionary, as was the case with Amazon founder (and really, really, really rich guy) Jeff Bezos. He liked Amazon because it sounded “exotic and different.”

Now when it comes to smaller, local stores, the same applies. Mom and pop stores are often named after mom or pop, or sometimes incorporate the initials of the owner. Sometimes stores are named for where they’re located – the city/town or even the street name is part of the store name.

There could be many reasons why someone gives a store a certain name.

I bring this up to discuss a topic near and dear to our hearts here at NCP. Recording the correct store name!

Always Use The Correct Store Name Or Store Type

As you know, when you record a shopping trip we ask that you choose the correct store name listed in your scanner or the NCPMobile App; however, not all stores are always listed.

If you can’t find the store name, select the appropriate store type.

For example, if your local hardware store is not found in your store list, you would use the Hardware Store – All Other Store Type.

Store Types Galore!

We have dozens of Store Types listed in the scanner and NCPMobile App. These include the following:

  • Apparel/Clothing  
  • Athletic Footwear   
  • Automotive Store  
  • Beauty Supply Store  
  • Candy Store   
  • Coffee Store  
  • Convenience Stores  
  • Craft Store  
  • Department Store   
  • Discount Store   
  • Dollar Store  
  • Drug Store   
  • Electronics Store   
  • Fast Food  
  • Food Store (Supermarket)
  • Gas/Mini Mart  
  • Hardware Store   
  • Health Food Store   
  • Home Furnishings  
  • Home Improvement Stores  
  • Liquor Store  
  • Mini Mart/Gas   
  • Office Supplies Store   
  • Pet Store   
  • Shoe Store   
  • Sporting Good   
  • Toy Store  
  • Video Store   
  • Warehouse Club   

As you can see, the list is extremely extensive, so there are lots of Store Types for you to choose from!

For details about each Store Type, please see our Store Name List and Store Type Descriptions list.  Take some time to familiarize yourself with all the different store names and store types on it.

Finding Just The Right Store Type

But what if you can’t find the right Store Type? Say you buy a candy bar from a bowling alley or a movie theater (assuming your local community currently allows you into one of those places); those types of locations are not listed. So, to record that purchase you would use the All Other Stores description.

Even though you won’t be telling us the specific store we can still use this information.

Food? Groceries? What’s In A Name?

Now I just want to talk about groceries. In our Store List we call them Food Stores, not grocery stores or supermarkets. So when buying food/groceries, make sure to select “Food Store – All Other Food Stores,” if, and only if, you can’t find the actual name of the store.

One last thing: Unfortunately, if some of the stores you shop at are not on your Store List we are unable to add them. So, again, make sure to use the most appropriate Store Type to record those purchases.

Thanks. And if you’re in the path of Hurricane Laura, please stay safe! It looks like it’s doing a lot of damage.

Best Regards,

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