I had to pick up a prescription yesterday after work at the CVS pharmacy located inside my local Target. On my way home, I wondered if panelists knew exactly how to record their own purchases in this situation.

Here’s what you should know: Even though it is branded as CVS, any purchase made at these counters should still be reported as a Target shopping trip. Please make sure you choose the correct Target store option in your scanner or the NCPMobile App.

Any trip to a CVS pharmacy that is NOT located within a Target should continue to be reported as CVS.

Check out our YouTube video on this very subject!

While we’re on the subject of drugstore purchases, the next time you make a purchase at a (stand-alone) CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens or any other drugstore retailer, please remember to report that shopping trip to us.

As I’m sure you know, drugstores sell a wide range of products, not just prescriptions. For instance, you can pick up greeting cards, over-the-counter medications, skin care, baby needs, snacks, candy, magazines, and a whole lot more. Whenever I pick up a prescription at a drugstore, I NEVER leave without buying something else – most often, I have to be honest, a candy bar or two!

It’s important to record your drugstore trips because:

  • Retailers and manufacturers need your complete shopping information to help them make important marketing decisions.
  • While these may be quick trips and may include items that potentially do not make it home (such as a pack of gum or a candy bar), they are just as important as your large grocery and discount store trips.

Are there any things related to scanning that you find confusing? If so, let me know and I’ll be happy to address them.

Thanks and have a great weekend!