A question we often get asked by our panel members is “What does NCP do with the data you collect from us?” It’s a great question! In this video, James gives you some insight into the answer including what products makers and retailers are looking for in the data and why.

Hi! James here with NCP. A question we often get asked by our panel members is “what do you do with the data you collect from us?” and it’s a great question.

Each week, you and other panel members across the country submit information about your shopping trips to us. That data is collected and provided to clients so that they can make business and marketing decisions about the products you buy. Things that we typically look for within the data include:

  • Who is buying their products based on age, income, household size, etc
  • How often you buy certain products or remain loyal to a specific brand
  • Whether you make multiple small trips during the week or stock up with one big shopping trip
  • How a new product or specific flavor, scent or size sells in the marketplace
  • Where are you shopping, and are you shopping more in-store or online
  • How your data compares to other consumers
  • And much more!

Our parent companies, Nielsen IQ and IRI, share the data with their direct clients, manufacturers and retailers across the country. Your participation in the panel helps them determine what products to make and in which stores to sell them to consumers just like you.

Your data really makes an impact, and whenever possible NCP shares what we collect back with our panel members. NCP’s publication, In The Know, is a fun way of providing details on the data we’ve collected on a variety of topics from shopping preferences to opinions on current market trends and more.

You can find our In The Know series by visiting our panel member website. Tell us what you think about this video, how we collect and share data, or anything else you want to talk about. Comment below or contact our Panel Support Center. See you soon!

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