Does anyone else wish you had a fairy godmother who would make dinner magically appear on your table every night? 

I enjoy cooking, but between work, children, pets, errands, and all the other tasks that fill our days, making a healthy meal in the evening can be hard. It’s easy to fall back on going out to dinner or ordering takeout, but that’s not always healthy for our bodies or our wallets! 

One solution I’ve tried is meal kits. A wide variety of these are available to help make dinner prep easier- and they can also help add new foods to your routine!

Have you ever tried a meal kit? Have you ordered online kits, or bought them at your local grocery or retail stores? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear what you think about them! 

What Are Meal Kits?

Meal kits provide you with all the ingredients needed to make a specific dish, often down to the spices. The ingredients are usually pre-measured and portioned, and the kit includes all the instructions you need to make the recipe. 

Meal kits have exploded in popularity over the past few years. Many companies sell them online, usually by subscription. You can find options to satisfy nearly any kind of lifestyle preference, such as vegan, vegetarian, low-calorie, organic, and even family-friendly versions for those picky eaters! 

You don’t have to buy meal kits online, though. Local grocery stores and other retailers have added these items to their shelves, making it easy to grab them during your regular shopping trip.

Advantages of Meal Kits

Haven’t tried a meal kit yet? Here are a few reasons people like them:

  • Diverse recipes that you might not otherwise try
  • Less waste of ingredients because everything is pre-portioned
  • Saves time in the kitchen and on shopping trips
  • Kits can make healthy eating easier

One reason I like them: it cuts down on decision fatigue. Sometimes the hardest part of dinner prep is deciding WHAT to make! 

If you’re interested in trying them out, Epicurious curated a list of 41 options for all types of cooks- you can check it out here

Panel Member Tips

Did you know that you can submit your meal kit purchases as a shopping trip? In the NCPMobile app, choose “All Other Stores” and then use the Non-Barcoded Items list to choose Meal Kits.

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