In an ongoing effort to eat healthier, our family has been focusing on purchasing more plant-based meals, especially protein alternatives in the meat and dairy aisles. Many across the country are also picking up plant-based protein products.

The plant protein segment, which includes meat, cheese, milk (soy, nut, and oat beverages), and sour cream alternatives, is growing as more consumers embrace wellness, ethics, and flavor, according to NielsenIQ. Other factors are due to the products tasting better and being more widely available.

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Plant-Based Protein Products = Better Health

Overall, 52% of U.S. consumers are eating more plant-based foods and they believe it makes them feel healthier, according to NielsenIQ.

Grocery sales of plant-based foods that directly replace animal products grew 12.1% to $1.3 billion in the 52 weeks ending July 31, 2021, and 53% over the past two years, according to data from NielsenIQ.

Sales of meat alternatives jumped 11% during this time to $922.2 million. The growth was powered by a 43% increase in households that purchased meat alternatives.

Plant-based proteins have a strong presence in the dairy case and frozen dessert aisles. According to NielsenIQ, during the 52 weeks ending July 3, 2021, plant-based alternative milk products increased 9.8%, and accounted for 15.5% of all milk sales!

Meanwhile, plant-based cheese sales grew 19.8% for the year and 65% for the two full years (over four times faster than dairy cheese).

Record Your Plant-Based Product Purchases

So as you can see, by scanning your purchases, your data is proving to be extremely valuable to manufacturers and retailers of protein-based products.

Please continue recording all of your purchases, whether plant-based or otherwise!

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