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Taking Good Care Of Your Pet’s Nutritional Needs

Any pet lovers out there? According to NCP data, approximately 48% of panel members own at least one dog, while about 35% own at least one cat.

Many panel members own several dogs and/or cats. So pet ownership is certainly a big thing for our panelists!

People are often very conscious about trying to eat healthier, and this also goes for what their pets eat, too. According to Nielsen data, consumers spent $33 million on pet food with “human-grade” products over the past year. Some of the top fresh food ingredients for pet food include carrots and blueberries.

In addition, other offerings like freeze-dried pet food has also become popular. In fact, dollar sales of air-drying/dehydrated full meal pet food have more than doubled over the past three years, growing from $23 million in 2015 to $53 million in 2018, according to Nielsen. Freeze- and air-dried/dehydrated pet foods are raw alternative options that are preserved through a drying method (either extracting moisture by vaporizing the ice of frozen meat at sub-zero temperatures or by using warm air for the drying process, respectively).

According to Nielsen, consumers are attracted to freeze- and air-dried pet foods because they’re usually free of added preservatives, and many offer enhanced benefits, such as improved digestion, shinier coat, smoother skin and a stronger immune system. But, this all comes with a hefty price tag: Pure freeze-dried pet food costs the average consumer approximately $33 per pound, while air-dried or dehydrated pet food costs approximately $10-$11 per pound, according to Nielsen.

Another area that’s growing is meal enhancers, since pet owners continue to want convenient ways to add nutritional and health benefits to their pet’s food. Meal enhancers already generate $93 million in sales, and they saw more than 25% growth year over year, according to Nielsen.

Who knew there were so many healthy ways to feed Fido or Fluffy?!

Don’t forget to record all of your pet food purchases! Manufacturers and retailers really want to know about who’s buying what type of pet food products.

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11 thoughts on “Taking Good Care Of Your Pet’s Nutritional Needs”

  1. Very interesting. I buy dry food making sure there are no peas in the ingredients because I have learned they are not good for dogs and was shocked to discover many many dog foods do contain peas. Read all labels carefully.

    1. Was surprised but glad to be informed of the peas in dry dog food issue!😄🌈😄🌈what brands contain peas that u have noticed & which ones dont?

  2. I have 2 Parrots. I buy them organic bird pellets. A majority of my fruit and vegetable purchases that I scan are for them.
    I buy Dog and Cat toys and modify them to create my bird toys.
    My purchases may show dog and cat toys but they are actually for my birds 🙂

  3. My pet died. But I do purchase for my daughter’s dog. He is so cute and lovable. When I move into a home I will buy a new dog.

  4. This post was very interesting, I’m always looking for new ways to enhance my Chitzu’s menu🐶

  5. I take a lot of time choosing the food I buy for Anna my sweet adult Bull Terrier. She is about 10 years old but our home became her forever home about two years ago when she was rescued wandering the streets of a large city – I connected with the rescue group on line. She is the sweetest doggie!!!

    Anyways, she is not a picky eater thankfully.
    I divide her meals into a feeding in the morning and at our evening meal plus refreshing her water as needed. I prefer the dry food which she has always been fine with. I read the label carefully each time I purchase a bag of food to be sure none of the ingredients have been changed. (I notice a lot of dog foods have peas as an ingredient which are not a healthful for dogs – a fact I only learned recently on line).
    Research online along with reading the ingredients list on the package have been very helpful to me in selecting her daily food and I also check the ingredient list when choosing her treats!

  6. They did stop making a doggie apple sauce type product that my dogs loved and it made them eat all their dry kibble. I believe it was by Purina. I told them it upset myself and our dogs at the time they discontinued it. It seemed to have decent ingredients and my dogs didn’t get sick or anything.

  7. I feel a lot of of cat food I’ve bought my cats are not eaten they don’t like them? You gotta wonder what’s in them.
    I’ve been making my clients dog jerky. I’d love a good healthy recipe for dog jerky.

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