I love animals, and have had dogs and/or cats my whole life. Many panel members also love their pets. According to NCP data, approximately 46% of panel members own at least one dog, while about 34% own at least one cat. While we love our pets, they do come with a cost. Sometimes it seems we spend more on the pets than we do the kids!

Overall, 54% of U.S. households currently own at least one pet, representing 68 million households across the country, according to Packaged Facts. Dog and cat owners make up the vast majority (94%) of pet-owning households in the United States.

Part of owning a pet is taking good care of them. And that means $$$. Money.com recently surveyed 2,000 participants to get a sense of what they spend on their pooches and kitties.

Do you have a pet? What do you purchase for your pet(s)? (food, treats, toys, etc.) Overall, how much does your pet(s) cost you? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

Cats Rule!

Well, at least cats are a little less expensive to own. According to money.com, the survey shows people are more likely to spend no more than $50 a month on feeding, grooming, and entertaining a cat than a dog. Pet insurance also costs less for a cat than a dog.

Monthly Expenditures For Pets

 Less than $50$51 to $100$101 to $150$151 to $200More than $200Not applicable

Vet Care

There’s also a gap in annual medical costs, according to money.com. Respondents with dogs took their pet to the vet a little more often than did cat owners, for both routine care and acute care (such as a medical emergency).

 Acute Care (Annual)Routine Visits (Annual)

Record Purchases For Your Pets

If you have pets in your household, please remember to scan all of your pet-related purchases. It’s important that you record all of your household’s purchases, including those made for your pets!

I hope you and your furry friends have a great weekend!

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