We are living in uncertain times. To alleviate some of the anxiety, many people – including myself! – are turning to their pets for comfort. (According to NCP data, approximately 48% of panel members own at least one dog, while about 35% own at least one cat.)

Are you getting comfort from your pet during the pandemic? Let us know! Just leave a note in the Comments section near the bottom of the page.

Pets = Comfort

According to a survey from pet care technology company VitusVet, the majority of pet owners surveyed said that pets provided a source of comfort during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In particular, the survey found that …

  • 52% said that they are feeling more loved or comforted than usual by their pet
  • 39% stated they’re taking more frequent dog walks
  • 36% said they’re taking many more photos or videos of their pets
  • 22% acknowledged that their pets make regular appearances in video calls with co-workers (I know I’m in that group!)
  • 33% are not at all concerned about COVID-19 affecting their pets, with 58% expressing some concern
  • 19% reported taking their pet in for a wellness checkup during the outbreak, with 6% seeking emergency care.

In addition, a survey from TD Ameritrade found that 89% of respondents said their dogs and cats help them feel less lonely while they are socially distancing.

Pet Ownership Can Get Expensive

Meanwhile, dog owners spend up to $1,201 a year on average on their pets, according to the TD Ameritrade survey. Food was the largest expense, followed by veterinary care, grooming and other supplies.

Cat owners fork over up to $687 per year on average — about half what dog owners spend. Food, veterinary care and pet supplies rank also rank among their highest expenses.

The TD Ameritrade survey also found that 33% of respondents have considered fostering or adopting a pet during these turbulent times.

Record All Your Pet Food/Supplies Purchases

Whether it’s food or other supplies such as toys, bedding, leashes, supplements, etc., please remember to record the purchases. Companies want to know about who’s buying what type of pet food and pet supply products.

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Pets Comfort During Pandemic

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