Don’t Forget Your Pets This Holiday Season

Along with giving gifts to the humans in their life, many people also wrap up little surprises for their pets. I’m one of those people. I know there are a lot of other people who do the same!

According to a survey conducted by, 95% of pet owners admit to having purchased a holiday gift for their pet. Christmas is, unsurprisingly, the most popular pet-rewarding holiday, ahead of their birthdays (which 61% surveyed admitted to giving on) and Valentine’s Day (11%).

The survey found that gifts average about $36, and that about 5% of respondents said they’d bought something that cost over $100. Meanwhile, 33% of all respondents said that they get their pet a present on every holiday and birthday.

According to survey cited by,

  • 54% of pets will have a Christmas stocking
  • 29% will receive a Christmas card from their humans even though they can’t read
  • 16% say their pets will be featured on their Christmas cards
  • 40% of pet owners confess to giving other people gifts and putting their pet’s name on the gift as the gift giver

If you buy gifts for your pets, what do you get? Do you sign your pet’s names on your holiday cards and gifts? Does your dog or cat or bird or fish have a stocking? Is your pet on your holiday card? Let us know!

As usual, please remember to record all of your purchases, even the gifts you buy your pets.

Have a great weekend, and happy shopping!

15 thoughts on “Don’t Forget Your Pets This Holiday Season”

  1. Yes, we also give heartfelt presents to our cherished and irreplaceable, furry, fun loving puppy dog named Jo Jo. Its a wonderful and joyous time of year for us all here at the Deane s’ winter wonderland.
    Wishing all a safe and beautiful holiday!
    P.S. Jo Jo says ruff, ruff !

  2. I’ve never brought my pet a gift at Christmas time nor do I ever plan to. I love my pets but thats going way beyond what I think they neec. Just give them a treat and they will be happy.

  3. My pets are number one on our holiday card they do give gifts to other family members and yes my dogs are getting giant stuffed toys for their Santa presents they also have presents under the tree and stockings are starting to fill up with things like doggy cake pops special cookie treats and small toys.

  4. We always bought or pets presents on holidays we no longer have a pet but we do buy our grand fur pet ( our daughters pet) presents on holidays and birthdays. We consider them part of the family

  5. I usually buy my dog Whitey a stocking with toys. I also try to get him a new sweater for winter. This year I was able to get him a raincoat. It’s been raining a lot these past months. I would also get my mom’s schnauzer, Lady a stocking with toys; but we lost her last year in December. She was my father’s favorite dog. He died on September 22 2017 and she died on December 2017.

  6. Pretty much NO! I will admit to buying our 3 birds an occasional treat for Christmas, I have never bought them anything for any other holiday and who can remember when their birthdays were?!

  7. What I normally do for my pets is Christmas night when Santa brings the kids toys, I will make a stocking with the dog bones in it and dog treats and then a Santa hat for them sometimes sweaters also. But if you think that’s bad my sister takes her dogs to go see Santa and get pictures taken

  8. I buy my parrots Christmas gifts for their stockings. I just adopted a second parrot and bought her a stocking. Since I buy them things during the year, I may not buy for their birthdays. They both got new cages this year.

  9. We treat our cats with an occasional toy, but we do not include their names on our Christmas cards, nor do we have a stocking for them, and we do not give them a present at Christmas. We love them, but we spend our Christmas money on family and friends.

  10. We (My Family and I) also believe in getting gifts for our four legged fur babies, as they are part of our family too! They all have Christmas stockings, chock full of Treats & Toys. And almost every year they get new coats, and our Pomeranian got Boots, which she isn’t too happy about! My daughters will sometimes help me bake Homemade Treats, of the pet variety and we have so much fun putting everything together for them. Some say they are spoiled, but I like to say that they are just loved!

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