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When asked what I want as a gift for the holidays, I often give out a number of book titles. I love to read, or at least listen to audio books on the way to work.

So the question becomes – print, e-book, or audio book?

I usually tell them to surprise me, since all those types work for me! (But honestly, I prefer a printed book. For me, it’s a sensory delight to be able to touch, smell, and see something in book form.)

According to, about three-quarters (74%) of Americans have read a book in the past 12 months in any format. Print books remain the most popular format for reading, with 67% of Americans having read a print book in the past year.

Relatively few Americans consume digital books – which include audiobooks and e-books – and not read print books, according to Just 7% of Americans said they only read books in digital formats and have not read any print books in the past 12 months. In particular, 10% of 18- to 29-year-olds only read books in digital formats, compared with 5% of those ages 50-64 and 4% of those 65 and older, according to

So, how many books have you read in the past year?

Have you purchased print, e-book, and/or audio books in the past 12 months? If so, what do you usually buy?

Do you prefer to read e-books or print books or listen to audio books?

Let us know!

Record Your Book Purchases
So if you buy a book, e-book reader, or audio book as a gift (or for yourself!), please remember to scan the purchase.

Many books have UPC barcodes. However, don’t scan any store barcodes that may have been placed on the book; only scan the UPC barcode.

Happy shopping!

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18 thoughts on “Buying Books”

  1. I am with you, a printed book is worth everything. I read 2 at a time and do not purchase same. We had a book club when I worked and we contributed $2 or $3 a pay period. We were at least 10 to 15 people and passed the books around so we all read same. Now that I have been retired for the past 28 years, I volunteer at a neighborhood hospital and still doing the same. Passing books around so everybody has a chance to read and pass it on again. Love all the different books we exchange.

  2. I’ve been trying to get back into reading more and I very much still prefer a physical book in my hands. I haven’t been able to get into e-books and only “purchase” them if they’re free because I love bargains. I’m not sure on audiobooks.

    1. I read all my books as ebooks so far this year I have read 102 books on number 103 right now. I use to read paper books and after done pass them on to others to read.

  3. I can never pass up a book store or sale. I have read so many books. I read only Amish Books, they are my go to stress releaver. I have probably 100 or more books and still buy more.

  4. I love reading!!! I have been reading since the age of four, I ALWAYS have a book with me!! If my Kindle has to be charged, I read on my phone-not as satisfying, but functional. I prefer Ebooks, as they are easier to get and carry, but sometimes you just HAVE to flip some pages. I read 2-3 books per week, and I am a proud membership of the worlds largest book club-it’s called the public library, and its’ free.

  5. I read constantly. I’m never without a book wherever I go. I do prefer paperbacks but try to limit how much I spend by just buying my favorite authors. But there something to be said for ebooks because I can have multiple books with me all the time so I can pick what type I want to read.

    1. I limit how much I pay as well I don’t pay anymore than 3.00 to 4.00 and I read ebooks I love how easy it is to have all my books on one device.

  6. I’m 49 and have read 22 books in the last 12 months and all are exclusively physical print and almost always hardcover. Also they are usually from used book stores. I love the thrill of never knowing what you’ll find in used since you don’t have to rely on what’s popular and still in print (not to mention the price).
    However, I don’t scan these purchases because the only choice is “bookstore/newstand” and some of the more modern used book stores place their own upc over the jacket bar code which sometimes rips the jacket or leaves residue on the barcode rendering it unusable and/or not worth the trouble to adequately remove.
    For those that are scannable, should I be entering them just using the generic “bookstore/newstand” ?

    1. Hi, unfortunately, these purchases can’t be recorded. But please keep scanning everything else that has a UPC, or if the item is listed in the Barcode Reference Booklet (if you use a handheld scanner) or the Non-Barcoded Items listing (if you have the NCPMobile App).

      And please keep reading! Hundreds of books on your Kindle is very, very impressive!!!

  7. I LOVE reading books. Mostly non-fiction, an occasional yarn is good as well. Currently, I am reading books by Dave Ramsey. He has a radio show and other venues on how to get control of your finances. Good stuff. I also like biographies and autobiographies. One of my favorites is “Rickenbacker”, abot our WWI flying ace, Eddie. Of course my “go to” book is and always has been the Holy Bible.

  8. Hi Taylor,

    I like the blog especially if I took the time to read more to know about what’s available. Lately, I stop to consider a new exercise video in Pilates or stretches, but bookstore did not seem to have current videos or audios in this product area.
    Thanks from one blogger to another,

  9. There is nothing like curling up with a good book, and for me that means a real printed, physical book. I have never gotten comfortable with the e-readers, even though our library offers free online checkouts. I also love passing on my books to friends when I’m finished.

  10. I go to the library pretty regularly to get a few books very months. I love to read, I have a few author’s I keep up on; and a few of they’er different seriers they are writing. I just wish the new books would come out sooner. Lol

  11. I have been reading since I got my first pair of glasses at 3 and I cannot LIVE without books! My youngest child calls my room “The Forest” because he says that all of the trees removed from the forests were used to supply me with books and magazines! 😀

    I prefer a nice, new physical book because nothing beats the smell and feel of the start of a new adventure, but I have started to download tons of eBooks as well. Especially since Amazon offers free books including some from new authors who are trying to build a following. Also, my local library allows members to “borrow” books from various electronic sources. I’ve discovered many new books this way. One other source for me is “Dollar Tree” because I can find EVERYTHING in there. There were books that were $50 when they came out and I got them for $1.

    I cannot get into audio books. I’ve tried, but it just isn’t as fun too me.

  12. To me there is nothing like holding a book in your hand.A hardcover or paperback.E reading is just not the same.There is no pages to turn, no bookmarks to use.Give me a real book to hold in my hands while sitting in a comfy chair or lying in bed.I like the fact that you can find great books just about anywhere.
    Yard sales, dollar stores like you said,
    Even the trash! I buy so many books that i always have stacks of books waiting to be read.I love when i find a book that is so good i cant put it down and i fall asleep reading and the book falls out of my hands and hits the floor. Ahh … till tomorrow.

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