I’m excited to share some updates from the most recent NCP Cares recipients!

NCP Cares is our community service initiative that works on local and national levels through charitable donations and volunteer initiatives. Each year, we ask our panel members to nominate local non-profit organizations who could benefit from a monetary donation. We receive hundreds of nominations, and our team narrows the list down to 5-10 organizations. Then, panel members have the opportunity to vote for their top choices.

Last fall, we announced the 2022 NCP Cares recipients: I Honor Your Service and Patriots and Paws. Each organization received a $5,000 donation from NCP! Recently, we heard from leaders of both organizations about how they were able to use the funds.

I Honor Your Service

I Honor Your Service supports American troops with care packages filled with comforts from home: snacks, toiletries, magazines, DVDs and more.

Volunteers with I Honor Your Service shipped as many care packages as possible during their green zone shipping time which started Veterans Day and ended January 1. There are 100,000 service members deployed to Europe alone, and the organization is servicing solders in 13 units. As of Dec. 22, I Honor Your Service had shipped a total of 440 care packages in 2022. Since Veterans Day, they shipped 71 packages.

“Your donations are already providing a shipping cost of $18.45 per box shipped,” according to Ron Hayman, Sr. “Your donation will also have a positive effect in 2023. We can maintain a robust shipping schedule when donations usually drop off after the first of the year.”

2022 NCP Cares Recipients Share Updates: I Honor Your Service

Patriots and Paws

Patriots and Paws, located in Huntington Beach, California, provides home furnishings and other items to active military members and veterans at no cost. They also provide community referrals to service members who want an animal companion.

“With your generous donation, we will be able to serve 20 veterans and provide them home goods and furnishings at no cost to them,” said Penny Lambright, the founder and chairman of the board at Patriots and Paws. “Thank you for supporting our mission and our Veterans.”

Thank you to our panel members who participated in the 2022 NCP Cares program by nominating or voting for an organization!

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