NCP's 10th Anniversary

Ten Years Gone

As you may know, the National Consumer Panel is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. And we couldn’t have done it without our great panel members! So to help acknowledge all of the hard work our panelists do, we have many exciting things in store this year.

Starting soon, the NCP Blog will be conducting several contests where 10 people can each win a $10 gift card. (Can you see what we’re doing here? LOL)

So be on the lookout for our first contest coming very soon. More details in a future blog posting!

I’m thinking about where I was 10 years ago. I was in elementary school. OK, well not quite. I was working, but not at NCP. My life has certainly changed a lot in the past 10 years!

What about you, what were you doing 10 years ago and how has your life changed? Let us know by leaving a comment.

Speaking of 10 years ago, it’s interesting to see how the price of certain goods and services have changed over the years.

Here’s some fascinating information from

Item Average 2010 price 2020 price
White bread $2.49 $2.08
Price of 1 pound of potatoes   52¢ 78¢
Price of gallon of milk   $2.79 $4.12
Price of 1 pound of bacon   $3.22 $4.98
Price of dozen eggs   $1.37 $1.58
Price of pound of ground beef $3.78 $5.24
Average price gallon of gas     $2.73 $2.38
Movie ticket   $7.50 $9.11
First class stamp    44¢ 55¢

Note: The pricing information listed above may not reflect the prices in your area of the country, and so may not be anywhere near what you paid/are paying. We’re using this broad, general information just because we think it’s interesting!

Have a great weekend!

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171 thoughts on “Ten Years Gone”

    1. Great blog! It is a blessing to see 2020. Many changes both good and bad. The prices did go up, but it was reasonable. I look forward to seeing what will happen in 2021:)

      1. The prices has been out of control for a couple years and only seem to get worse gas is at $2.65 a gallon and grocery’s one must be a very wealthy individual to go to the grocery WORSE WORSE IT HAS BEEN IN YEARS

        1. Thats a fact. Cannot get much for your money these days. However ; thanking God for the invention of ” Dollar Tree or 99 cents stores. We can still get 5 dozen eggs for $ 5.1 5 & shelf- stable whole milk for $1.25 . Eggs are a savior when your paying high rent & have to pinch pennies to survive food- wise.

    2. Yes,I agree! We were new to the area. Just moved in ,barely a month ten years ago, this month. I love NCP!

    3. 10 years ago I didn’t even know what NCP was. I’ve been a panelist for about 2 1/2 years now. Ten years ago I was getting newspapers delivered to get the coupons on Sunday and Wednesday. There weren’t as many stores that participated in Digital coupons as there are now. Our local paper no longer has coupons now so I have to depend on and proctor & Gamble to print coupons off the web. Ten years ago stores would double coupons up to a $1. They no longer do that in our local stores, nor do they accept competitors coupons.

    4. 10 years ago, I was working for the same company, but my children were still home… I’m spending my time as an empty nester, working more in the yard then ever…

  1. I was very pregnant with my last baby. Who, ironically, will be turning 10! ?? I miss the sweet baby stages, but welcome the increase in independence, most of the time!

    1. My life is so different now than 10 yrs ago and everything is changed including peoples attitudes children growing up physically and such young ages and prices up up up but we still have a lot of the same brands and stores. Thank goodness

  2. Wow! What of the time! Ten years ago I finally accepted Medical Retirement as a real thing and decided to travel about the US and Canada to visit family and friends.

  3. 10 yrs ago I tried to get through staying at home and not working memory was poor after brain surgery.My memory is still not good but doing things like recording purchases has helped alot

  4. I know I have been part of the panel for longer than 10 years. I assume it was just the particular center that opened? I know I had more interaction with staff in the earlier years when the stand alone scanners were the only way to transmit and you had to call and speak with someone if on vacation and unable to transmit. Things sure have changed.

    1. Hi, thank you for your dedication to the panel. The joint venture, National Consumer Panel, was formed in 2010, but the panel (previous known as Homescan) has been around much longer than that.

  5. Ten years ago we had been in Austin a couple of years after having relocated due to a job change. In 2008, we had purchased a newly built home at the best time for buyers. Unfortunately for us, we had to put our 1 yr old home back on the market at the absolute the worst time in late ’09. Took us 6mths to sell it while paying for our new accommodations on TX. We ended up losing $15k on that home but overall it was worth every penny in what we learned along the way. Today, we’re in another purchased home in another city with another job change, still feeling blessed for all the changes the past 10yrs brought our way.

  6. Ten years ago…I didn’t have any grandchildren. Now I have 4!! I love being a grandma! It’s everything everyone says & so much more!! Alot of my purchases are for the grandchildren, of course!! I enjoy NCP & seeing the results. Also other people’s comments!!

  7. We will be moving to our 4th state in the past 10 years. And final home place . We have gained 5 grandsons. And lost one daughter to death. Lost my parents and several friends. But with faith we have made it. And strive to help others less fortunate. And fellow veterans.

  8. 10 years ago I lost my Mom to cancer she always thought us the importants of saving money for the future and always would remind us of inflation and so on today I understand that everything she thought us was spot on. thank u Mom.

  9. Retired from nursing. Having supper daily with my parents. Playing games with parents. Now both parents have died & I moved into their home & sold mine. Working 2 days a week at a boutique. My church closed after 50 years & I have found a wonderful new church family.

  10. I was thoroughly enjoying life with a toddler 10 years ago, and now I’m gritting my teeth through the treacherous teen years. ??
    I’m very blessed to have my beautiful daughter! ?

  11. I’m confused. 10 years? My mom did this back in the late 1970’s when you had to write everything down and mail it in. I also did it in the early 1980’s, when you still had to write and mail. Back then you even had to keep track of what you watched on TV and later on we had a small box that we connected to the TV, to track what we watched.

    1. It is the 10 year anniversary of the joint venture, National Consumer Panel, which was formed in 2010. The panel (previously known as Homescan) has been around much longer than that.

  12. 10 years later and so much of some things and none of others (that I want to) has changed. Congratulations on 10yrs!

  13. Congratulations on 10 years and I look forward to scanning for another 10 or more. My how prices have changed in 10 years.

  14. Ten years ago, I was happily married with 2 bunnies living in a house built in 1920 and has a career that can pay all our bills. Now all those are gone after ten years: I sold our house because husband and my 2 bunnies died. And currently I barely able to help pay the apartment I share with my mother with my current job. But I am hopeful for whatever God gives me.

  15. Wow 10 years ago I was the happiest I had ever been besides having my two children. I met my soulmate my best friend. Been with her for 10 1/2 years.

  16. NCP was originally Home Scan and I have been scanning my purchases for over 25 years. (And I have never won anything!)

  17. I was working on Law Enforcement as a Deputy Sheriff. Do to my COPD I had to retire. So I enjoy answering diverts on E Rewards it helps me pass the days away. Thank you very much.

  18. Ten years ago I was editing a little newsletter for our neighborhood… we have moved but have found many other fun things to do… including NCP!!

  19. Ten years ago, I was working full time, going to college part time, raising a 10 year old son that is on the spectrum (commuting to work and college).

  20. Enjoying a job I loved raising three boys and I think about all the price changes and it really is concerning and has me wondering what the next decade entitles.
    Lots of praying
    This was awesome read…Happy 10yrs NCP

  21. I was working in a critical care area at a hospital RN. Two children still in school and one graduated 10 years ago today.

  22. A gallon of milk is almost always on sale at one of the area grocery stores or pharmacy’s here in the Seattle area at the 2010 price.

  23. I have been with NCP since before it was NCP (HOME SCAN), and have seen many changes in these past 10 years. My favorite being the ability to scan with my phone as well as the interesting surveys and how NCP has kept up with the times. You guys all do a great job, keep up the good work. Sincerely, Deanna

  24. I was dealing with thyroid issues and spending as much time as possible with my family. We lost my youngest sister in 2009.

  25. I was in a not so great abusive relationship. I had my ribs broken and finally had enough. I had a detective on my side that made me feel like I was strong enough to leave…and I finally did. Packed up and moved to mass from NH and started over. I came back shortly after to be closer to my dad. My life was a mess but not like that anymore, the guy did 6 months in jail and committed suicide in 2014.

  26. I have been with NCPMobile since November 2010 and love this site. A lot has happened in ten years two heart surgeries my third grandchild was born she’s 9. Good and bad things but mostly good. Happy to be a part of this group. I still haven’t won anything lol happy anniversary

  27. It’s good to view this information knowing comparisons depend on budget and ability to buy. For instance, stamps can be costly and even a penny increase can make one look like a “deer in headlights” when buying 1 stamp versus a book of stamps when prices increase.

  28. Ten years ago I was not working due to an injury and married. Still not working an bo longer married. But very happy with my new life.

  29. 10 years ago we were adjusting to life as empty nesters, which was a mixture of feeling lost but also great fun with all the new found freedom we had!

  30. Ten years ago I was just starting to enjoy my retirement. My husband and I were traveling over the United States. I as a nurse and he as a machinist worked long hard hours for years while we worked so it fun and very educational for us both.

  31. I was healthier maybe even working but yet in still stressing over family issues just being able to have a pay-check coming in way before doctors started poking taking things out and other gadgets. Inside me…But so happy to still be here and sane enough to try new things like NCP wishing you could help me get a scanner for my purchases and reciepts im only having a cell phone to translate data to your company and cell works poorly or my technology skills are poor Help and Thanks Kathy Mccarley

  32. We’ve been with you for a long time. Our scanning fingers are kept quite busy. Enjoy shopping on your catalog. Made some nice purchases with our points. Hope to be around for our next ten.

  33. In 2010, I was working as a clinician (social worker) caring for individuals with serious & persistent mental illnesses, many who also had substance abuse issues. From there, I went to work as a responder on the VA’s Caregiver Support Line providing information, resources and counseling to the caregivers of Veterans and for Veterans who are caring for others. It was the most rewarding job imaginable! Now I am retired and enjoying being at home… keeping busy, of course.

  34. Ten years ago I was a stay at home with my 1yr son. Now I work full time an clean house on the side an habe to beautiful kids. I love NCP. I didn’t know ncp had been around 10 yrs

  35. I was lucky enough to be one of the panelists many years ago when everything went through the landline lol Year later you stop due to major updating the site … I can’t express how happy I was when I found NCP online site. I deleted items on my cell to make room for it & am quite happy with NCP as before! LOL
    BTW, I still have and use my large griddle that I picked with all my points 🙂 .

  36. That was very interesting. I can’t believe that I’ve been shopping and scanning my products for all these years. It makes me aware of what I buy and the prices I pay. I received many great gifts through the tears. Thank you for the opportunity.
    Barbara R

  37. Was living in a different state & working a full time job. Have moved to be closer to kids & grandkids & now great grandkids. Was injured in a car accident & can’t work anymore. But love this app & it has helped me alot.

  38. Taylor It don’t matter where you were 10 years ago . It really matters more that since you have been with NCP you have made a difference . And from me I Thank You!!!

  39. Ten years ago the prices of smokes were down like 5 or more dollars! My pockets have definitely felt the inflation !!

  40. I was 27 years old with an 8 year old 5 year old and a 3 year old. I was in a domestic violence relationship.. now remarried children are 18,15,13. I m happy

  41. I retired Jan. 10, 2010 and have been loving it every since. Now I can look out the window at the winter snow with my cup of coffee instead of driving through it. :o)

  42. My youngest had just turned 2! Since then we’ve lived in 4 different cities in 2 different states-scanning the whole time! Happy 10th NCP!

  43. Ten years, how time flies. Ten years ago I was about to retire after 45 years of working, not counting work when I was in high school. Looking forward to oldest grand child graduating from high school this year. I enjoy the surveys and learning new things from this site. Thanks for the opportunity . Congratulations on 10 years.

    1. So Happy to hear your good news, well really GREAT news Judy! We don’t have to know each other to care about each other. May God continue to bless you, and keep you healthy too! Take care!

  44. So many changes in the world today. I have been with NCP for most of the years it has been in existence and enjoy scanning products. Hope to be with NCP for many years to come.

  45. It’s seems like everything is going up except for pay ? but I’m grateful for my family and friends that help make life worth living ??

  46. That it is so cool to see the prices and how much they have changed. You would think gas would be higher instead of lower, but I’m very happy with the price!!!! Ten years ago I already had 2 sweet Grandbabies with 1 on the way. I’m looking forward to the next 10 years!!

  47. I wasn’t doing anything in particular 10 years ago; pretty much every day was the same as it is now. 20 years ago was a big change when I retired from the military. The grocery prices I’ve noticed in my area that have noticeably gone up are meat, fish, vegetable and fruit prices. Eggs, dairy and such really haven’t changed all to much. What surprises me, is that we still can mail a First Class Letter for $0.55 in this country; I don’t think there’s another country where you can mail a letter this cheap and the same goes for gasoline. I’ve lived in different countries throughout my military career and our gas prices are by far the lowest; yet we complain about how expensive it is. What is overpriced in our country compared to others, is our living quarters (rent/mortgage) and utilities, especially phone service and we have the worst and most expensive internet service of any country I’ve ever been to. It’s a shame when third world countries have better and cheaper internet and cellphone service than we do. There’s so much here that just doesn’t make sense. Some things you expect to slowly increase with the years as it should and other things are skyrocketing like crazy going way beyond wage increases. I better stop my rant here or it’ll turn into a book ?.

  48. How can NCP be only 10 years old? I think I’ve been a member for longer than 10 years! In 2010, I was 4 years retired (at age 71) from a paying job and then became even busier as a volunteer!

  49. Excitement continues! It’s way beyond 10 years of my transmitting!
    Glad for some changes & sad for others!
    Glad I no longer have to include how I paid, with what I paid etc.
    Sad that stores are disappearing much too fast!

  50. After going through a 5 year emotionally, physically and mentally abusive relationship with my 12 year old’s father along with the years and years of aweful, I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy, things he put me through, I was sitting in my apartment I was trying to pack up thinking I’d be single forever with 2 kids and all kinds of walls I now had up. Then I received 2 phone calls one after the other, both regarding the same thing. Long story short, first time I’ve ever been on a blind date and it’s the last, because hopefully we will be together forever. Got together in 2009, married in 2011, had my 3rd & his first child together in 2013, bought our first home in 2015, this June will make it 9 years married, 11 years together and still going strong. I love everything about this marriage, he is the only guy my 12 year old has known as a father figure and he doesn’t refer to him as step-son just simply his son. My oldest has a relationship with his father so we’re all good in the step dad area. We’ve had minor life bumps along the way but nothing regarding our relationship and family. He is the sweetest guy and I’ve never had one of them so it still throws me off sometimes and thank God he is understanding and gets that I don’t know how to take it for the most part as I’ve never delt with it before. For 9 years now, before he leaves for work he gives me a kiss on my forehead. Tells me I’m beautiful and says he has the hottest wife in the world (even tho I don’t think so) almost daily. Sometimes, I think I’m in a dream but it’s great.

  51. 10 years ago i was having my third son. He’s my rainbow ? baby. I love him so much. Prayed to god for him. I couldn’t have asked for anything more precious..well besides my great husband of almost 12 years and two oldest 19 and 17. I love being a mom one of the most precious things in my life. Thank you for my gifts god. Oh and crochet, crafts and praying.

  52. Well 10 years ago, I was free from raising 3 now adult children, lol; worked in a most challenging job ever but saved whatever I could, that at the age of 55 I was debt free.

  53. Wow! Time has really flown! Those prices are realistic in my area. However, the inflation in Fl is almost 5 times more. Times have definitely changed.

  54. The company I was working for was a victim of the housing crash resulting I their decision to close in 2009. I was 59 years old at that time. My original plan was to retire at 60 but I figured I could manage it early. I’m enjoying retirement and living life on my terms.

  55. In 10 years, we’ve come a long way technologically. In 2020, I celebrate my 24th year as a panelist remembering scanning paper store list manuals individually and transmitting by phone.

  56. 10 years ago wasn’t a great time but over the years my luck has changed and I am now back with my husband and we just had our second kid together! Love always wins. Thanks NCP been with you guys for well over a year and a half and I’ve had a blast with you guys! Ella

  57. Ten years ago, my fiance and I were looking for a place to live that would be just ours and trying to get things rolling again after he was injured while in the military. Still dealing with a lot of BS surrounding his injury but we both have jobs with great benefits, even if mine is only part time, a place to call our own, a dog, and a car that while it has issues is at least something that means we don’t have to find rides to go to family events!

  58. 10 years ago I was driving a bus for special needs folks bring them to there work places!
    Miss that now that I am retired

  59. Iam very new to this NCP app!! But I love to learn gradually!! 10 years ago, I was in university getting my bachelors degree in science but I was working for Cvs! Indeed, time goes by too fast and can’t wait for upcoming years with tons for life experience =)

  60. We were getting adjusted to living in Arizona at the time, after living in North Dakota most of our lives. Our son was living with us, but he now is married and has a child of his own.

  61. When I first started I did this faithfully. But as time has gone by I just haven’t seen enough incentive to do every shopping experience so I do as I remember. After reading this I’m going to try again doing every shopping experience

  62. I was struggling with my chronic pain & depression while working full time job. I had already been turned down for Social Security Disability’s claim for income, but I wasn’t going to let them win! I resubmitted using a different lawyer and was again turned down, but in January 2019 I finally was approved for SS Disability income -finally!!! It took 3 times submitting with a new lawyer and finding a doctor who actually documented my issues instead of pushing pain pills & injections. One doctor never took my blood pressure, weight, or anything and I didn’t know that they should have been doing it. Anyway yes, it took 12 years to be approved for my Disability Income, but I kept my eyes on the prize and now I’m getting a tiny little check that provides me enough money to pay for my medication, doctor visits, but nothing more. I’m blessed to have family that allows me free food, room & board and pays for my phone, car insurance to name a few of my expenses. Yes 10 years ago I was still working but I’m now unable to sit or stand due to my disabilities. I truly wish I could work just to be around other people, instead of my hermit lifestyle but at least I’m getting paid to lay around like a lazy bum!
    I’m new to NCP and look forward to reading your blog, hopefully it will have frequent updates to keep up with the times …

  63. I was a member of this panel many years ago when you had to use a hand scanner but it was really difficult to scan & enter prices, so I stopped. When I saw that you could use your phone to record purchases, I joined again & this is great. So easy to do, I scan as I shop & by the time I get home- all I have to do is finalize. Thank you!

  64. Ten years ago I didn’t even know what NCP was. I’ve been a panelist for about 2 1/2 years now. Back then I was getting our local newspaper for Sundays & Wednesday coupons. There weren’t many stores who had digital coupons. The store also used to double the value up to $1. Now I have to depend on digital coupons or print from or Proctor & Gamble since our local paper no longer puts the coupon packets in anymore.
    I wonder what changes will happen over the next ten years?

    1. Been involved with animal rescue and raising guide dogs over the last 10 years. We now have Heidi, a wonderful Golden Retriever and the love of my life. Heidi is a registered Therapy dog and we visit retirement homes, hospice patients, and Alzheimers patients and to see what joy a dog can bring to others is beyond words. (Big smile)

  65. Thanks so much for that flashback!!!!
    I purchased my 1988 chevy montecarlo in 1988 and a gallon of gas was 1.84—that was premium. Total costs to fill up the tank was $15.50. I still have that chevy and now it costs $60.00 to fill up the tank.
    How about that???
    Ellen C

  66. Yes, time just flies! We used to live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin ten years back then! I am new to ncp but I am really enjoying it, I love to report our day to day purchases & love to take surveys! Can’t wait for new contests, very much excited for that

  67. NCP must have just reorganized 10 years ago. I am 79 and can remember filling out reports for NCP for my Mom when I was a kid. After I was first married I filled out reports again until my life became too busy with 3 children. A few years later I joined again (by this time you had scanners) and I’m still in the program!

  68. Prices are going up due to greed , my grandmother use to say you can’t take it with you just think if we all shared just a little more everyone would have jobs, a place to live, food or their tables and clothes to stay warm. If went up like the cost of living what a wonderful world this would be less robbery and killing of people in general.

  69. 10 years ago I was working on my Bachelors of Nursing degree and working full time ( I might add I was a Nana of 2 but would have 3 more before the year was over! ). Never give up on your dreams!

  70. I am kinda new to ncp 10 years ago my kids were in school have since graduated my daughter got married an I have 2 beautiful grandbabies almost 5 years old an almost 2 years old both of there bdays are in April

  71. Ten years ago I was still working as a Registered Nurse in Florida. My daughter had 2 & 3 year old little ones. My son-in-law took a church position in Alabama a few years later. Today I am retired. My husband & I are living in Alabama near our daughter. The grands are 12 yrs old & 13 yrs old. Lots of changes during the last 10 years!!! Time is flying by!!!

  72. I am very new to NCP but am loving it!!!
    Ten years ago I had 2 young children in my home and now I have one who is living half way across the country and engaged and the other about to graduate high and already accepted to a pre-med program in college!
    I also was single and have just recently gotten married myself. Many things have changed for the better in my life – and have learned with a positive attitude, positive things come your way!

  73. 10 years ago I was an NCP Panel Member and still am. My Niece joined NCP last year. Love being a member and doing my part
    Great blog!

  74. Ten years ago I was at Disneyland with my grand daughter’s. As soon as I got home I left for Mexico for a month of relaxation. Returned to work and retired 4 years later. Life is good.

  75. 10 years ago I was about to graduate high school and about to get married. This year marks my 10 year anniversary as well. ?

  76. 10 years ago, I met my now husband for the first time. We were at a mutual friends house. 5 months later, 2 weeks before the 4th of July, he asked me to marry him. We went to my mom’s house and he asked for her permission. Well we always have a big 4th of July party with the works. Several bands, fireworks and lots & lots of food. And of course family & friends(50+ppl). He wanted to get married in 3 wks. My brother said make it the 4th and everything was already done. Guests, meal & entertainment. It was the best day of our lives.

  77. Nice recap of prices. Ten years ago we were raising a family and enjoying the middle school years – sports, activities, volunteering, school plays and concerts. I miss those days. We travel a lot and back then was no different. We also used a hand held scanner and the girls helped to scan. Now they’re both in college. NCP has come a long way with that throughout the years and for the better. Congratulations on 10 years!

  78. Time goes by way too fast! 10 yrs ago (Jan) I was in the spring semester of my second year of interpreting school. I was still scanning what I purchased, and then what my parents purchased (when I went home on weekends!). I am now working with a company that allows me to use what I learned, and have to admit, I don’t scan each trip…but the receipts are set aside!! Food prices have changed, scanning app has changed and I hope it stays the way it is (unless a section for household goods can be added (hint-hint!!)

  79. 10 years ago I was living where I was born & raised up North but after traveling to visit a special friend; shortly after my trip I made the decision to relocate down South. I mostly based my choice from the realization that if I wanted or needed to live independently, the cost of living is much more attainable within my financial situation down South. Although, I still have budget challenges it is still doable & most days I am happy with the choice I made, but that’s life. LOL

  80. 10 years ago my husband was active duty Navy and just got new orders to move South. My oldest was 2 almost 3 and we were working on having another child. Fast forward my 3yr old will be 13 in March, had our second son who just turned 8 and my husband retired in 2016 (sigh) NCP helps me pay for Christmas gifts with the points I had earned!

  81. 10 years ago I was still teaching. I’m retired now and enjoying doing many things I never had time for before. Being an NCP participant is one of those things!

  82. Not quite sure how this is a 10 year anni. as I have been a member since 2006. Not only that, but I have NEVER been selected for any kind of prizes. Seems strange to me.

  83. I was trying to pick up the pieces of my life after the death of my father and now I am doing good and with and I just joined NCP a few weeks ago .

  84. Hi And I appreciate you guys with NPC Looking forward to the new contest . Ten years ago I was with out housing hard to believe ten years has past by so quickly but today I’m doing great have my own home , food , friends, and my family.

    1. It feels a little weird to say this, but 2010 was the year when the first of my 7 rare diseases manifested, and led to 10 brain surgeries in less than 4 years. They have all failed. But it’s not all bad. Being sick has forced me to slow down, and I help at least one person a day. I have also taught a lot of doctors and other medical staff. Other than that, regarding prices in general, I feel like there hasn’t been a dramatic change, mostly because wages have been stagnant and most of us cross our fingers and hope for the best.

  85. I honestly don’t remember much, other than being in an emotionally abusive relationship and having a mountain of debt. My partner passed away two years ago, her family took our car and whatever else they could that had value, and I still have a mountain of debt.

  86. 10 years ago, nothing much has changed other than I was in my 40’s then and my 50’s now. I read a lot of the post and some are very inspiring. Although some it seems are focused only on prices and money. I realized something I guess it was around 10 years ago, there are far more important things in this world than money, what you drive, even what you live in or even what kind of job or career you have. This wasn’t 10 years ago, but more like 32 years ago. I know some of you weren’t even born yet. But just imagine being in love with your high school sweetheart and all you wanted out of life was family with a couple of children. Engaged and wedding planned a few years out of high school, we both have good jobs, preparing to build a house and plan our future. Thinking that life couldn’t get anymore perfect than I would have wanted it, then it was all over. Was a month away from the wedding, and found out she had changed her mind about having kids so soon in our marriage, she decided on her own, without even consulting me, she told me as she put it ‘ had it taken care of’. I was actually still pretty young emotionally and when the truth finally hit bottom, so did I. We split up, I was a drug infested alcoholic that did not want to be on this earth anymore, and the soon I was gone, the sooner I could be with my child. You see money, a nice car, even a nice home or job can never bring that child back, I will never even know what they look like until I am gone. No one can imagine the life I have lived the past 32 years, and I do not understand why I am still here, I do not have any will to be here, I have never been able to stay in any relationship for longer that a couple of dates in those 32 years. I have been alone since then and will always be. So if you took the time to read this, I am not writing for sympathy or any other reason materialisticly, I merely want everyone to realize your life is but a pinch of dust in s spring breeze. The older you get, the time will go by as if 2 says were one, and 10 years will seem like only a couple. Don’t let your life be troubled with money, or bills, or worry yourself about the problems of this world, all I have left in this world is my dad. He is 81 and his health in not very good. I sold my house about 6 years ago after my mom had passed, and I bought an RV and put it behind my dads house, so I could be here for him. He is what’s important to me. His mind is slowly drifting and I make sure I am there for him no matter what. He was always there for me, now I will always be there for him. I have had the high paying jobs, but along with it comes all the more responsibility. I couldn’t deal with the stress, after all I had been they so I live as a minimalist and spend as much time with my best friend, my dad, as much as possible. Life is so precious, every second that goes by is a moment we will never have back. Words said in haste are words that will haunt you, because they will echo in your life forever. So enjoy what you have, who you have, and the time you have with them, and never judge anyone for any reason, because you never know what that person has been thru in their life. Maybe a kind word or a smile is all they need to just keep them going for one more day. Then let tomorrow worry about itself.

  87. Ten years ago, I would have said I was very happy with my life and the people in it whom I call my “Blessings”. Today, my little blessings are now much bigger, and taller. Independent and quite self sufficient. We have gone through many Peaks and Valleys like so many others, and have made it through pretty well by the grace of God. There are times where I wish I could go back and stay for a while with a loved one, or beloved pet (Even just a few moments) but I know I’ll see them again……. Fast forward to now. I am so happy to be a part of the next 10 years with NCP! I have been fortunate enough to have received some Amazing Rewards, and I even won a $25 Sweepstakes prize! I enjoy scanning and watching my points add up, reading the Newsletter from the different States, and the surveys are also fun. So, here’s to another Great 10 Years NCP!!!

  88. Congratulations National Consumer Panel on celebrating your 10th anniversary this year! Seeing how prices have changed in your list is interesting. Thanks for teaching me new things. Good luck in the next ten years!

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