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Baseball season has finally started, and I’m really excited. I’m a big Mets fan, so it was great to see them make it to the World Series last year. I’m hoping they go all the way this year! (What is your favorite team? Make sure to comment and let me know!)

Since this is the beginning of baseball season, I thought I’d dedicate this blog to the summer game. We are a New York-based company, so most of the people here are either a Mets or a Yankees fan. I was curious how people felt, so we polled all of our NCP staff, asking them if they preferred the Mets or the Yankees.

Well, I’m psyched to say that the Mets won the internal (and somewhat unscientific) vote by 67% to 33% over the Yankees. (Full disclosure: My husband is a HUGE Yankees fan, who practically wears only Yankees stuff, at least at home and on the weekends. At least it’s easy to buy him a present! LOL)

Here are some interesting stats about the business of baseball:

Average ticket price by team in 2015 (highest and lowest three teams)

  • Boston Red Sox: $52.34
  • New York Yankees: $51.55
  • Chicago Cubs: $44.81
  • Major League average: $28.94
  • Tampa Bay Rays: $21.90
  • Arizona Diamondbacks: $17.98
  • San Diego Padres: $16.37

Average price for a hot dog at Major League Baseball games in 2015 (highest and lowest three teams)

  • New York Mets: $6.25
  • Miami Marlins: $6
  • Chicago Cubs: $5.75
  • Major League average: $4.39
  • Arizona Diamondbacks: $2.75
  • Baltimore Orioles: $1.50
  • Cincinnati Reds: $1

Average price for a beer at Major League Baseball games in 2015 (highest and lowest three teams)

  • Boston Red Sox: $7.75
  • Chicago Cubs: $7.75
  • Philadelphia Phillies: $7.75
  • Major League average: $5.98
  • Los Angeles Angels: $4.50
  • Arizona Diamondbacks: $4.00
  • Cleveland Indians: $4.00


I will be saving up my money to try and get to a game or two this year. What about you? Are you planning to go to some games this year? What do you think about the price of going to a game? Comment and let me know what you think.

Thanks, and have a great day!

6 thoughts on “Play Ball!”

  1. I was born and raised in New York, and spent my youth as a Dodger fan, until they let us down by moving to LA. Then came the Mets. Yes, I suffered through those early years, but still loved the game. I attended the first ever night game at Shea Stadium, against the Reds (Mets lost 12-4). Later I moved to the Washington, D.C. area, where the Senators played ball, but moved after my first year, and I was left without a team. My final move was to Chicago, where I live now. My team, since moving here, has been the Chicago Cubs. This year we are expecting big things from the Cubs. We do expect them to go all the way, and break the “curse”. Last year the Mets stopped the Cubs advance. Hopefully, we can return the favor this year.

    By the way, who are the Yankees?

  2. How prices and things have changed. I no longer go to games and don’t even keep up with the teams which is a big change for me. I grew up in Cleveland Ohio with the Indians. My dad would take us when he could. I was the only girl with 5 brothers 2 who worked at the stadium one or two summers. I won 6 sets of baseball tickets for having straight A’s when I graduated 6th grade. Dad and I went to every game. After I married my children were not to interested except for the youngest and we would tease back and forth over the Indians and the Chicago White Sox. I’ll always be an Indians fan!!!!

  3. I will always love the Dallas Cowboys. They have been a disappointment for the last few years. Was able to go to 1 game. I live in Massachusetts & my hubby is a die hard Boston Red Sox fan. He has been to 1 game. He would love to go to more but traveling over 3 hours to get there is a setback. They can do nothing wrong in his eyes. So I do not even watch any of the games anymore. He is also a big fan of all Boston teams, Patriots, etc.. etc..

  4. After last night and tonight, I am rather embarrassed to write that I am a Phillies Phan, (especially being among Mets fans here)! But although they are going through a rough rebuilding stage, I will stick by them as I had done through the many bad years in their history. Congrats Mets fans–I’m sure you’ll be going to the Series again this season, and, as in the past, I will be rooting for the NL team, no matter who it is!

  5. My deceased husband was a true Seattle Mariner fan. We attended spring training and regular season games from the mid 80’s until his death in December 2010. Now my grandsons make sure I get to a few games each season – always on June 7th, grandpa’s birthday, IF there is a home game that day. It will be so exciting when Ken Griffey, Jr. Is inducted into Baseball’s Hall of Fame in about 100 days. He is such a great role model. Fame and fortune never went to his head, he has always maintained high moral standards and never used steroids like a former unnamed Mariner who turned out to be such a disappointment to all Mariner fans.
    Take me out to the ballgame, take me out to the crowd.

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