Recently, we at NCP – like many people across the country – acknowledged our one-year anniversary of working remotely. It certainly has been a very long and challenging year. But we have been very fortunate to be able to work from home.

But we certainly understand the hardships that many people have faced and are still facing, being an essential worker or worse, losing your job. We all have had to make adjustments in our lives to take care of kids, parents, spouses, and/or friends.

So, from an NCP perspective, I’d like to thank all of my co-workers for doing such a great job from their homes. Despite all that’s happening, we’re still able to get the work done. I am extremely proud of everyone here.

And it goes without saying, that we all should be proud of those essential workers who’ve been out there for the past year – whether they work in a grocery store, restaurant, make deliveries, or work in a health-care facility, among many, many other places. You are all heroes!

And thank you to our panel members, who, despite the pandemic, have continued to provide their shopping information, even if they do all their shopping online.

It’s certainly been a very long year, but thankfully, tomorrow, Saturday, March 20, is the first day of spring! And that is always thought of as a new beginning. So let’s hope that things continue to get better and better.

I hope you have a great and healthy weekend!

Best Regards,

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