Another week locked down at home. As you probably know, all NCP staff members have been working from home for the past few weeks. Which certainly has made things more challenging, but it seems like things are running fairly smoothly, considering all that’s happening.

If you’ve been keeping up with the news, and it’s hard not to, you’ve probably heard that New York has had the highest incidence of Coronavirus infections. Everything is pretty much locked down, except for essential services, such as grocery stores, drug stores, etc. Restaurants are open, but only for pick up orders – no dining inside!


I just want to state that DESPITE the Coronavirus, I’ve personally witnessed many acts of resilience that is keeping me humbled and inspired.

My in person yoga classes have been cancelled, but the instructor is providing a video link so that we can all take part. It’s not the same as being in a class, but it’s still nice getting together “virtually.”

My son’s karate classes have also been canceled, but the instructor is providing videos so that all the students can continue to train and learn.

My drugstore placed tape on the floor, six feet apart, so shoppers would know to keep their distance.

And restaurants in my area are doing a brisk take-out and delivery business.

I’m sure you’ve also seen innovative ways people and businesses are dealing with the impact of COVID-19. Let us know what you’ve experienced by leaving a comment.

Now I do not want to minimize the severity of this virus and the impact it has had on the country. So many people are either sick or out of work, and it’s probably only going to get worse.

Please Keep Scanning

Like so many other businesses, NCP needs to continue to operate. So please understand why you might be receiving communications from us asking you to continue recording your purchases. We understand that many people are suffering through this situation, but we do need to keep moving forward as a business. At this time, manufacturers and retailers really need to know what their customers are buying – or not buying.

So, as we’ve stated previously, please continue to record all of your purchases, especially if you are just shopping online. Also, if people are buying things on your behalf and bringing them to you, please record those purchases, too.

However, if you expect any major changes in your shopping habits, please contact the Panel Support Center via email at [email protected] and let them know.

Please be safe and keep your distance!

Best Regards,