Well, it’s almost time for the Super Bowl! Who do you think will win? Do you even care who wins?? I know many just like to munch on wings and chips, and watch the commercials and/or the halftime show. (What do you like to do on Super Bowl Sunday? Tell us about it by leaving a comment!)

As you know, the Super Bowl is big business, not just for the teams involved and the NFL, but for retailers. For instance, according to the National Retail Federation those watching the big game expect to spend an average $88.65 on food and beverages, merchandise and party supplies, for a total $17.2 billion.

That’s a lot of wings and things!

Note – NCP Public Service Announcement: We want to remind anyone hosting or attending a Super Bowl party – or a Kitten Bowl or Puppy Bowl party, for that matter – to record any “food, beverages, merchandise and party supplies” that you purchase.

Super Bowl Sunday Spending Stats

Anyway, football is filled with statistics. So in honor of the big game, here are some super Super Bowl-related stats from WalletHub.com:

  • 17: Number of people who attend the average Super Bowl party
  • 27% of Americans plan to attend a Super Bowl party
  • 52.4% of Americans think Super Bowl Monday should be a national holiday
  • 6,000: Average calories for a football party feast
  • 1.4 billion chicken wings will be eaten
  • 10 million pounds of ribs are sold the week of the Super Bowl
  • 11.2+ million pounds of potato chips will be eaten
  • 8+ million pounds of guacamole will be consumed
  • 50%: Increase in pizza orders on Super Bowl Sunday than on the average day
  • 67% more pizza is eaten on Super Bowl Sunday compared to the average day
  • Favorite Super Bowl Foods:
    • 29% Wings
    • 26% Pizza
    • 15% Nachos
    • 14% dip
    • 7% chili
    • 6% BBQ
  • 51.7+ million cases of beer are sold for Super Bowl Sunday
  • 90% more beer is consumed on Super Bowl Sunday than on an average day
  • $1.3 billion spent on beer and cider on Super Bowl Sunday
  • $597 million is spent on wine
  • $503 million is spent on hard liquor
  • 1 in 10 people will miss work the day after the Super Bowl

Have a great weekend, and enjoy the game! (or at least the commercials and halftime show.)

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