As you probably know, it’s almost Super Bowl Sunday. It’ll be the New England Patriots against the Atlanta Falcons. Who do you think will win? Take our poll (below) and let us know! (Personally, I’d like to see Atlanta win.)

We of course have some interesting stats about the Super Bowl! According to The Nielsen Company, last year’s Super Bowl was watched by 111.9 million viewers. (For the past three years, women have made up 47% of the TV viewing audience.)

What would watching the Super Bowl be without some good eats? In the two weeks leading up to last year’s Super Bowl, according to Nielsen, Americans spent …

Fresh Food

  • $82 million on chicken wings
  • $80 million on deli salads
  • $58 million on deli sandwiches
  • $23 million on deli platters
  • $13 million on vegetable trays
  • $10 million on deli dips

Salty Snacks (packaged goods)

  • $277 million on potato chips
  • $225 million on tortilla chips
  • $99 million on meat snacks
  • $89 million on pop corn
  • $71 million on cheese snacks
  • $42 million on salty snack dips

Beverage alcohol

  • $1.2 billion on beer, flavored malt beverage and cider
  • $594 million on wine
  • $503 million on spirits (whiskey, vodka, run, tequila, gin)

Finally, here’s some interesting Nielsen info about the areas represented by the Falcons and Patriots:

  • Adults age 25-54 in Atlanta watch an average of four hours and five minutes of live TV
  • While Bostonians watch an average of three hours and eight minutes

Are you having people over to watch the game (or at least the commercials?) If so, don’t forget to record everything you buy, because our panel members’ food preferences were reflected in the statistics above.

Have a great Super Bowl Sunday!