Online growth of private label brands

Online Sales Of Private Label Products Are Growing

Like many shoppers, I’m always looking for a good deal. And often private-label products (or store brands) are a very good deal. (Private-label products are those manufactured by one company for sale under another company’s brand, and are usually less expensive than a “name” brand.)

Private-label products have always been associated with physical retail stores; in fact, those products account for 17% of total “brick-and-mortar” consumer packaged goods sales.

But now, private-label products are growing in the online world, as sales of these products account for 3% of online dollar sales, up from 1.3% two years ago.

In particular, several private-label product categories, such as aluminum foil, baby wipes, trash bags, paper towels, bath tissues, facial tissues, and disposable diapers, have seen significant online sales growth.

Amazon for one, has many private-label products. My husband purchased Amazon-branded batteries not too long ago.

What about you? Do you purchase private-label products, in either physical retail stores or online? If so, how do you think they compare to name-brand products? Let us know in the comments section.

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41 thoughts on “Online Sales Of Private Label Products Are Growing”

  1. I am willing to at least try private labeled products. There are some private labels I trust more than others and am more willing to try a variety of products offered under that label. I’ve also been disappointed with some private brands and am hesitant to try other items under that brand label.

    1. Im always willing to try a private label product because they are usually cheaper. Ive found out though that just because they look almost identical to the name brand doesnt mean its as good as the more expensive brand. I’m ok with certain items i purchase being private labeled but some stuff I will not buy private label because of past experience with that type of item.

    2. I buy alot of store name brand products. Sometimes the quality is not as good but other times it is better than name brand. We prefer Kirkland which is Costco’s store brand of bath tissue and paper towels.

  2. I purchase mostly private label products, because, even with coupons they are less expensive than brand name, and in my opinion are just as good.

    1. I do too! We always look for the store brand first! It has saved our family lots of money that we can in turn use in other places!

  3. I buy several items like this from Amazon, primarily pet supplies. I get them for a substantial savings, free shipping with Amazon Prime, and I can set up a subscription so they arrive just when I need them.

  4. I use Amazon private labels and Kirkland labels. They are exactly the same, just cheaper on price. As a mother with young kids saving every penny counts!

  5. Hi! I think Every business should never put the benefits to their bottom line and their customers pocketbook on the lesser end in order to cater to the name brands. I have nothing against name brands and actually prefer a few high brand items. Very few. I think those of us who prefer, or can only afford off brands, should be taken into account. We matter too. And in the grand scheme of things, we may spend less, but I’ll guarantee we are loyal and trade at our favorite stores no matter what. We pay their paychecks bits by bits, but we will always be the ones spending our money there. Coupons, benefits, bonus cards, anything for those of use being loyal to our local icons and trying to make a living. 😘

    1. Yes!!! My family is very loyal to a few favorite stores ,and you’re right we always go there first! We look at their sales circulars first!

  6. I have often used private label products. Foods are generally canned and/or frozen by the brand name product producer that costs $0.10 to 25% more on the shelf beside it. I have also found that the store is more responsive to customers complaints when their name is on the product.

  7. I sometimes use private label products. Things like cosmetics or even snacks. The only thing i don’t buy private label is grated cheese and salt. The generic grated cheese was found to have shredded wood. (That wasn’t a spell check) that’s right, they cut the cheese with wood dust and use it as “filler”. The same is done with salt and glass. Ground up glass is cut with salt. Hymilyan pink salt is the only way to go. I think private label is great otherwise tho.

  8. I think it’s great. I’ve tried alot of tasty things that are better then what’s in the store sometimes.

  9. I think it’s great. I’ve tried alot of tasty things that are better then what’s in the store sometimes.

  10. We do try private label products. Some of the products are very good and are a good value and we continue to purchase them.

  11. For the most part, private label products work for me. Sometime they taste exactly the same as the name brand product, and they save me money. But there are some that I avoid because only the name brand products taste good. For example, peanut butter. Also, some private label products add ingredients that I try to avoid. But mostly, I steer for the private labels when I shop.

  12. I do a lot of comparison shopping before I make any purchase, but especially when I do my usual grocery shopping, which is a combination of “use that day or that week” or “pantry” products. I’ve been looking at “store brands” more and more because having tried them alongside the usual “brand names” I often times don’t see a difference. I have to weigh cost against taste; I read reviews; I consider past experiences. But yes, “store names” are easing into my kitchen more and more…once the research is done. 🙂

  13. My experience with private labels in syore have usually been comparable to name brand purchases. There a lot of items I now only buy store brand because the money I save is important to me.

  14. I Use Store Brand Label The Be Just Good Than Name Brand Label Not To Bust Different Sometimes Store Healthy Than Name Brand When Compare Their Label Together

  15. I, too, very recently purchased Amazon 2A and 3A batteries. I will keep track of the length to see if there is enough difference in these compared with the Duracell I usually purchase. So far there doesn’t seem to be a significant difference. So many of our items require batteries that a week or so difference wouldn’t be significant to me but then, I don’t have children of any age!
    There are some items I won’t deter from to private labels, one of them is Best Good Mayonnaise!! Have had good luck/experience with most Private Label brands, Freddy’s, for one.

  16. I purchase brand products. Brand products are ok some I am loyal to but most I am not. I think they are very comparable to generic products at least some of them.

  17. If I get what you mean as “private label” as in like the store label that is cheaper I purchase most of my products in that department. There are just a few things that I get in name brand, but I cannot afford name brand products especially in clothing.

  18. I have tried some store brand products, usually household items, and they are definitely not the same quality.

  19. I buy private label/store brands products for most of my shopping. I buy brand name peanut butter, some beans (pintos, great northern, navy specifically), toilet tissue, facial tissue, and a few other items. I have found that most private label products as just as good if not better that the big name brands.

  20. I’m excited! I finally found the blog! After all these years of being a Panel member! I only use the store brand if it contains the same ingredients & nutritional values as the name brand. There are certain store brands that work just as good. Not many but some.

  21. I purchase private label stuff all the time I just wish I could scan it with NCP because most of the time they have their own barcode that NCP wont scan.

  22. I’m willing to buy private label at least once on an item to see if I like it just as well. I would say it’s pretty 50/50 on what I stick with name brand vs private label.

  23. My family have always used private label products and actually prefer them! There are some products that we use that so far doesn’t have a private label equivalent yet. We are waiting for it though! There are very few private label products we don’t like, 90% or more of our shopping consists of private label products.

  24. I have found 2 discount stores in my area. I do most of my shopping there. Most of their items are off brands, but I have found that I will buy most of those instead of “name brands” and like them just as well if not more so for most of them. This saying, some of them are not on my re-purchase list.

  25. I always read the ingredients, look at the nutritional breakdown, then, if it’s the same as the name brand I try the product. Usually, I wind up sticking with the cheaper store or generic brand if it tastes or performs the same. I’m not made of money and my husband and I both are on Social Security which is a joke. Their is no Security about it. So we ping pennies until Ol’ Abe screams. Store brands allow us to do that along with couponing and store loyalty cards.

  26. i buy private label much more frequently than ever before. it’s cost-effective and i swear some private label brands are national brands in disguise. case in point… mayonnaise. now I’m a snob when it comes to mayo. i did not realize i ran out of Hellmann’s. i usually keep a few jars on hand but this time i was out. i was making tuna macaroni salad with peas and i ran out of mayo. In the fridge the meal went and i went off to Target. i had to grab a few things anyway. Hellmann’s had been on sale the shelves were cleaned out. i didn’t feel like going to the big grocery store so i grabbed their Market Pantry mayo. The jars are identical, the smell, taste, ingredients are identical. you can not convince me market pantry mayo is not my beloved Hellmann’s lol. I swear its the same.

  27. For the most part we go with the store brand unless we have tried a particular item and found it wanting. A related, interesting observation: My husband and I are in charge of our church’s food pantry. We frequently have clients who choose to pass on items if we don’t have the Campbell’s/Chef Boyardee/Progresso/Kellogg’s/etc. version of something. They don’t want the generic, even when it is free.

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