There are so many beautiful flowers blooming now! It’s uplifting to see all the varieties and colors to remind us that warmer weather is on the way.

Our office building has a nice atrium area where tulips bloom at this time every year. It’s so pretty, I took a picture to show you!


Do you have any favorite flowers, especially ones that are blooming now in the springtime? Let me know in the blog’s comment section!

Spring Gardens

According to, for most gardens, a mix of perennials and annuals is usually the best in terms of cost, as well as time and effort. So what’s the difference between annuals and perennials? Annuals die off when temperatures get too cold, which requires you to plant new ones the following spring. Perennials will come back and regrow year after year.

I’m not very good at gardening, but I do love to stroll around gardens and arboretums and look at (and photograph) all the beautiful plants, trees, and flowers. It’s a peaceful escape for me. Are there any arboretums or gardens in your area that you like to visit? Do you have a garden at home? If so, please leave a comment for me, I would love to hear from you.

Spring Flowers

Let’s take a look at some of the more popular spring flowers from Each with their own unique colors and features.

Tulips – A classic spring flower, it’s ideal to plant them in the fall so they’re ready for spring. Tulips come in many colors and shapes.

Daffodils – Cheerful yellow flowers that are a sure sign spring has arrived. They require very little care. Plant them in the fall in a spot that gets lots of sun exposure.

Grape Hyacinth – A tiny-but-mighty little bulb, produces charming purple or white flowers every year.

Crocus – Have cup-shaped, colorful blooms, some of the first to appear in spring.

Lily of the Valley – An old-fashioned perennial, its tiny white bells dangle on long stems and have a sweet scent in mid-spring.

Iris – Comes in many different forms and colors, they have sword-like foliage and dramatic-looking flowers.

Forsythia – Brilliant yellow flower that is a low-maintenance and fast-growing shrub. It starts blooming in early spring, but is best planted in the fall in full sun.

Azalea – One of the most popular flowering shrubs. These trumpet-shaped flowers can be found in lavender, white, salmon, and red.

Lilacs – Cone-shaped clusters of four-petalled flowers. These fragrant blooms will likely bring bees to your yard in springtime.

Snowdrop – Small, bell-shaped, fragrant flowers with white outer petals and green tips. One of the first to bloom in the spring, often blooming when there’s still snow on the ground. 

Scanning Info for NCP panel members

Select the “Floral” category in the NCPMobile app’s Non-Barcoded Items list to report any plant or flower purchases that don’t have a barcode, or have a barcode that the app won’t accept (refer to the Barcode Reference Booklet if you use NCP’s handheld scanner). This includes fresh cut flowers, corsages, bouquets, houseplants, outdoor plants, etc.

Don’t select this category for purchases of UPC-barcoded items such as plant food, potting soil, fertilizer, artificial flowers/plants, planter pots/containers, gardening tools, etc. Please scan these items as you normally would.

Spring has sprung! Go out and enjoy it!


“I love spring anywhere, but if I could choose I would always greet it in a garden.” — Ruth Stout

Formal spring garden

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