Gardening and me…not a good combination! I’ve tried and tried but continue to fail to grow a nice garden. I know it’s my own fault for not putting as much effort as needed into it, but maybe someday in the future when I have more time I will! I really do find it to be relaxing and I would love to grow my own vegetables.

But…I do like to take pictures of flowers! I shared a couple at the end of the blog, I hope you like them.

Do you have a garden? If so, what do you grow in it? Please let me know in the comment section below, I would love to hear from you!

NCP Poll

The Instant Poll currently on NCP’s panel member website asks “In a typical year, what do you plant most in your garden?”

Here’s how our panel members have responded so far:

Flowers 32%

Vegetables/Fruit 28%

Herbs  3%

I don’t have a garden 37%

Be sure to answer the poll question each week on the panel member website, we love to hear from our panel members!

The Popularity of Gardening Grew in 2020

According to,, the spring and summer of 2020 saw homeowners gardening in record numbers. Many homeowners surveyed said that it gave them something to do while at home during the pandemic, it provided them with a source of exercise, and it helped them cope with stress.

Raised Bed Gardening

Gardening is often associated with planting flowers and vegetables directly in the ground, making it sometimes unrealistic for those who don’t own a large piece of property. But, raised garden beds allow you to plant one almost anywhere.

According to, here are some reasons for raised garden beds as compared to in-ground gardens:

– They help keep out annoying pests such as slugs

– They look nicer

– They help prevent straining your knees and back

– They have better soil drainage

– They have fewer weeds

– They are good for beginning gardeners

raised garden bed

Panel Members: Spring is here! Please don’t forget to scan all your gardening purchases. Many items such as gardening tools, soil, and mulch, are stored in a garage or shed and are easily forgotten when it comes to scanning. Please remember to scan those types of items before you store them away. Thank you!

Have a great weekend!



Here are a couple of pictures of the tulips growing right outside of our NCP offices. So pretty!

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