What’s Growing In Your Garden?

By now, in most places of the country it’s gardening season!

To me, nothing says spring like being in the garden. It’s one of my favorite things to do. My favorite flower is the rose; we have a lot of climbing roses in our garden.

What about you? What’s growing in your garden? Take our survey below and let us know! (You may select more than one of the choices.)

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As I’m sure you know, gardening has been associated with mental clarity and feelings of reward, and it has many physical benefits as well, according to the Michigan State University Extension.

Gardening has also emerged in recent years as a scientifically proven stress reliever.

In addition to health benefits, gardens are also known to increase property values and if you have a vegetable garden, it can save you money when grocery shopping, according to MSU.

Scan Your Garden-Related Purchases!
I want to remind you to scan all your lawn and garden purchases. Many of the items you might buy for your garden or lawn are large or come in big, bulky packages or containers, such as topsoil, fertilizer, wood chips, rakes, wagons, wheelbarrows, and so on. These types of items are typically stored away in garages or sheds before and after use, so before you store these don’t forget to scan them.

Thanks, and have a great day in the garden!

4 thoughts on “What’s Growing In Your Garden?”

  1. I have a beautiful Garden area in my back yard there is plenty of Flowers,Cactus and purple sage ground cover ,Stepping stones and my favorite Bird House and feeders it can be very relaxing and I spend a lot of time in my backyard

  2. An interesting idea is being done in my city Clover is being grown along with setting up a Bee colony to get some Honey.

  3. We are growing the following, Tomatoes, Bell pepper (green,red, and yellow),peaches, lemons, bananas. Herbs, Rosemary. We are just hoping that they do not drown with all this rain

  4. Several years ago , my town started a community garden. You can purchase a plot and grow what you want, flowers, herbs, fruit and vegetables. I have a garden on my property and grow strawberries and vegetables. Working in the garden is a great stress reliever.

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