Several of the associates here at NCP have children who are graduating college, which made me think back to my own college days … ah, those were fun days.

Although it’s been a few years since my own graduation, I’ve been thinking a lot about college lately. (For one thing, I have to make sure to keep saving for my own kids!)

Here’s some interesting info on college graduates.

Top College Majors
Here are the top college majors, along with the average starting salary for those with a bachelor’s degree in that major, according to USA Today.

  1. Business Administration & Management (average starting salary of $41,200)
  2. General Psychology (average starting salary of $34,700)
  3. Nursing (average starting salary of $53,300)
  4. General Biology (average starting salary of $37,500)
  5. Teacher Education and Professional Development (general education majors report average starting salaries of $33,800)
  6. Criminal Justice and Corrections (average starting salary is $35,300)
  7. Accounting (average starting salary is $44,500)
  8. Liberal Arts and Sciences, General Studies and Humanities (average starting salary is $36,500)
  9. English Language and Literature (average starting salary of $36,200)
  10. History (average starting salary of $36,900)

Student Debt
About seven in 10 seniors set to graduate this spring borrowed for their educations, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Estimates on the precise amount of debt vary. According to an analysis by higher-education expert Mark Kantrowitz, the average student debt of 2016 college graduates has reached $37,172, well above last year’s class, which owed just over $35,000, on average

On the other hand, the Institute for College Access & Success believes seniors are leaving college with an average debt of $28,950.

Gifts For College Grads
Do you have a college grad in your life? If so, here are some great gift ideas, according to

  • Diploma frame
  • College memorabilia (sweatshirt, alumni license plate frame, coffee mug)
  • Professional photos of graduation ceremony
  • Briefcase or leather portfolio
  • Suit (or gift certificate to a professional clothing store)
  • Elegant professional accessories — tie, belt, scarf, jewelry
  • New phone, tablet, or laptop
  • Business card holder
  • Session with a career coach or resume-writing service
  • Gift cards to clothing or home furnishing store
  • Restaurant and grocery store gift cards
  • Gift card to salon or barber shop

Have a great day!

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