The Most Popular Ice Cream Flavors by State

The Most Popular Ice Cream Flavors by State

It’s summer, and that usually means – among other things – hot weather, swimming, being outside, and most importantly, eating ice cream!

Truth is, you can eat ice cream any old time of the year, but for some reason it just seems to go better with the summer season.

As you would expect, different parts of the country enjoy different flavors of ice cream.

WorkWise Software compiled a list (see WorkWise graphics below) using Google Trends to determine which popular ice cream flavors are searched through the United States. While vanilla and chocolate are two of the most-searched ice cream varieties, the most searched variety is actually cookies and cream, which was the top search result in 14 states.

The most popular ice cream flavors list also includes some unique flavors:

  • Connecticut: Beer ice cream
  • Michigan: Superman ice cream, which is a swirl of blue, red, and yellow
  • Ohio: Pumpkin
  • Oregon and Utah: Coconut milk
  • Pennsylvania: Teaberry ice cream, which is pink and tastes like a wintergreen mint
  • Virginia: Tiger Tail, which is orange-flavored ice cream with black licorice swirl
  • Washington D.C.: Stracciatella, which is vanilla with chocolate strips

As for us New Yorkers, we seem to love a good scoop of chocolate chip (which is my personal favorite!)

What is your favorite type of ice cream? Let us know in the comments section.



And let’s not forget chocolate and vanilla!


Note: Thanks to WorkWise Software for all the cool graphics!

Thanks, and have a great weekend – and have some ice cream, too!

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28 thoughts on “The Most Popular Ice Cream Flavors by State”

  1. My all time favorite ice cream is Maple Nut with Butter Toffee and Butter Pecan running very close (neck to neck) as second place. But… on the flip side of ice cream comes Sherbert with Orange, Lime, and Lemon in same tote.

  2. Being a coffee drinker, I love many varieties of coffee flavored ice cream. My favorite is Hershey’s Cappuccino Crunch.

  3. I love ice cream. I’m from Tennessee and the closest I get to strawberry is Neapolitan. I love swirl (chocolate and vanilla). Any ice cream with bits of nuts and or chocolate pieces. Yummy! But being diabetic I settle for frozen yogurt or low fat, no sugar added and low carb versions that are better than they sound.

  4. As a kid I used to love ice cream and Neopolitan was always my favorite then. As an adult I really am not to crazy about ice cream anymore I’d rather have a frozen fruit/vegetable icee without any additives like sugar etc..; carrot and apple mixed is so yummy. Occasionally I might get a craving for Gelato and my favorite in that would be Tiramisu or Lemon. A lot of people here in TX love their ice cream especially Blue Bell but my stomach just has a difficult time dealing with it so I opt for healthier alternatives.

    1. My favorite ice cream flavor is pistachio only certain ice cream shops have in ny and no stores carry it but darn good

  5. I live in California and haven’t tried tutti frutti. I do however love rocky road ice cream….yum. now I want to go the store and buy some lol

  6. I live in Houston, TX. I love the Dulce de Leche-flavored variety which I used to be able to purchase at the HEB grocery stores. It had one of the higher sugar content/serving ratios. Yes, I like sweet desserts. I even add sugar to all of my desserts, even ice cream.

    However, HEB inexplicably stopped selling this flavor variety some years ago. I cannot seem to be able to find this flavor variety at other retailers.

    Taylor, would you please use your sources/contacts to pass along this consumer’s desire for them to make this flavor variety available for purchase again? It would be very much appreciated. I do not think that I am alone in this desire. Also, I would also like to know if any other area retailers have this flavor variety available for purchase.

    I also like the Moose Tracks and Coffee & Donuts flavor varieties. Both were purchased at Walmart under their Sam’s Choice label at a clearance price of $1 a pint. I have not seen the C & D anywhere else. I am aware that the Moose Tracks flavor is available at other retailers.

    Since Blue Bell is such a popular brand here in TX, it would be great if they offered the dulce de leche-flavored and/or C & D flavored varieties available to its customers. If you would, you can pass this tidbit along to them as well.

    This is my first time posting a comment on your blog. I have enjoyed reading other postings and comments on your blog. I look forward to your future postings.

  7. Here in South Gulf Coast Florida the grocery store freezers are always running out of Barnie’s Coffee flavor ice cream. We really
    enjoy it!

  8. I was unaware of how flavorful blackraspberries are until a RN that I worked with made blackraspberry jam and gave everyone she worked with a pint jar of her homemade jam. I have learned how to make the jam and there is nothing else that tastes as good as seedless blackraspberry jam.

  9. Bluffton, SC Southern Peach Pie distributed by PET. At first I thought no way! Now I find myself searching for the limited edition during the summer months.

  10. If the study was attempting to show the most popular ice cream flavors, as headlined in your blog, I believe the methodology used in this study is flawed. What we are are seeing is the most searched for flavors. There is no evidence that there is any correlation between searching for a flavor and it being your favorite. (I do note though that the info graphics are correctly labeled as search result, not popularity.) There are many reasons you might search for a flavor other than it being your favorite..
    For instance, when I read in the comments that there was a churro ice cream, I immediately started searching for it. I never had Churro ice cream before, never even heard of it, so it’s definitely not my favorite, but I love Churros and and I love ice cream so I think the combo would be great and I’d like to try it. (Unfortunately my search found that it was not available in my area.)
    Another example is a restaurant in Western NY that used to make strange flavors for April fools day like Chicken Wing ice cream and roast beef ice cream. These creations I’m sure drew a lot of hits but I doubt if they became many peoples favorites.
    In order to actually get a list of favorites, you would be to either do a direct survey of end users (as you often do at NCP), or an indirect measure such as sales at the retail or wholesale level with a secondary study showing that there is a correlation between sales and favorites.

  11. My favorite ice cream hands down is good old vanilla which I love added different things to it like peanut butter and making a good peanut butter cup milk shake my 2nd favorite would be birthday cake

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