Readers of the NCP Blog know how much we love to talk about BBQs. I for one live for a perfectly grilled, mouth-watering piece of meat (or vegetables or fruit). Ah, nothing better than that! With pandemic conditions around the country getting better, more people will be visiting friends and family to enjoy a tasty BBQ. So with that, I was wondering, what are American’s favorite BBQ flavors?

First of all, grilling is BIG. According to, 56% of US adults cook outdoors at least once a week while 20% cook outdoors 2+ times per week.

And one of the things we most like about grilling is the wide range of flavors that are available, from sweet to spicy to smoky to savory.

What is your BBQ flavor fav? Let us know by telling us in the comments section below.

Favorite BBQ Flavors

According to a survey conducted by Mintel in July 2019, these were the most popular BBQ flavor combinations in the U.S.

  1. Spicy and smoky and savory
  2. Smoky and savory
  3. Sweet and fruity
  4. Spicy and savory
  5. Sweet and salty

In the U.S., BBQ is usually associated with Southern cuisine and varies by region. Carolina, Texas, Memphis, and Kansas City are known as the “barbecue belt” and each area offers its own regional style and flavor, according to

Each of these common BBQ styles offer slightly different taste sensations. According to, some favor slow-and-low smoking, while others prefer to fire up the grill. Where one style wants sweet molasses sauce, another swears by using mustard.

Fav BBQ Flavors Across The U.S.

Using search data and Google Trends, BBQ Revolution was able to determine the most popular BBQ styles across the country. Texas style BBQ came out on top, winning a whopping 33 states. Kansas City style and North Carolina style tied for second with 6 states apiece, followed closely by Memphis style. South Carolina style was only a favorite in—you guessed it—the state of South Carolina. (While BBQ Revolution recognizes other BBQ styles such as Alabama, Kentucky, and St Louis, they only looked at the top 5 most popular styles.)

Fav BBQ Flavors

BBQ Styles

And while we’re at it, here are the most popular smoked BBQ meats, according to BBQ Revolution:


Is your mouth watering yet?

Reminder: If you buy anything for a BBQ – from meats and vegetables to paper plates, cups, drinks, etc. – please be sure to record those purchases.

Have a great weekend!

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