Last weekend, my daughter and I went shopping for some makeup. We went to a number of different stores and after searching around, we were finally able to find what we wanted.

That evening, though, I was speaking with one of my cousins who said that she’s getting a lot more of her cosmetics online. She said the convenience and the wide selection of products were the biggest appeal for her.

So this of course got me thinking: According to the Nielsen Company, consumer spending on beauty products has shifted online faster and greater than nearly every other packaged goods category.

In fact, nearly one in three dollars spent on beauty products in the U.S. today is spent online. To be specific, Americans spent over $12 billion on beauty and personal care products online over the last year, according to Nielsen.

How often do you buy health and beauty products online? If you don’t buy them online, what type of store do you typically buy them from (drugstore, mass merchandise store, cosmetics stores, etc.)?

Remember: If you do purchase anything online, make sure to record the purchase as soon as you receive it.

Thanks, and have a great weekend!

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