It’s finally going to be warmer this weekend, at least on Long Island. So I’m finally motivated to start my spring cleaning!

I was looking for some tips to help me be more efficient with my cleaning, and found these from

  • Vacuum your refrigerator’s coils: Keeping the coils clean increases energy efficiency, saving you about 6% of your fridge’s electric bill, according to a study by the Sacramento Municipal Utility District. To get started, unplug the refrigerator or turn off the power. Access to the coils varies by model; some can be reached from the front and others from the back — and you may need to remove a plate or grill first.
  • Clean or replace the AC filter: According to the Energy Department, an air conditioner with a dirty filter can use up 5% to 15% more electricity than with a clean one.
  • Clean your vacuum cleaner: Once a year, wipe down the canister inside and out with a damp rag; use an old brush or comb to remove string and other debris stuck in the rollers and check the belts for wear and tear (replace them as needed). Be sure to inspect the suction tubes and cleaning attachments to dislodge any clogged material and check for holes — easily fixed with duct tape.
  • Cash-in on clutter: Check out areas you may not normally go through on a regular basis. Find out what’s lurking in your basement, shed, garage, and attic. If you forgot you have something, chances are you could live without it. So have a yard sale. Or, donate unwanted items to a national or local charity.

Also, had these useful tips that may help you save some money:

  • Re-use rather than buying new: Spring cleaning is the perfect time to go through everything you own and find all of those things you can re-use. Not only are you saving money that you’d otherwise have to spend, but reusing is good for the environment. You can re-use and re-purpose everything from clothes to furniture to vegetable scraps.
  • Check your appliances and save on energy: Do an appliance check. Find anything with a cord and see if it’s plugged into an outlet. If so, does it need to be? If you use your printer once a month, maybe it doesn’t need to stay plugged in and turned on 24/7. Cut it off and save on energy until you actually need to use it.
  • Take inventory of what you already have: So often we go out and spend money buying things we already have. While you’re cleaning and getting organized, take inventory of everything you own. Organize your fridge and pantry and make it easy to find and take stock of what you have in there. This makes it much easier to cook at home and meal prep, which are both great ways to save money.

What’s your best spring cleaning tips? Let us know!

Spring Cleaning And Scanning
It’s important to remember to record all of the spring cleaning items (for indoor and outdoor use) that you, or other household members, purchase. Here is just a sampling of some of the items you might buy:

  • Brooms, mops, dusters
  • Disinfectants
  • Window cleaners, wood polish, rug cleaners
  • Sponges, cleaning cloths, wipes
  • Trash bags
  • Storage bins and boxes
  • Gardening tools, gloves, rakes
  • Lawn care products
  • Insect repellants

Spring is also a perfect time to enjoy the outdoors. Maybe you’ll buy a new pair of sneakers, a new bicycle, new sports equipment, or other outdoor gear. If you do, be sure to report those purchases. And, make sure other household members, if any, tell you about their purchases, too. Everyone in your household is an important part of the panel and their purchases and opinions also count!

Thanks, and enjoy your spring cleaning!

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