Why do we call the time of year that we declutter, organize, etc. spring cleaning? I call it “all year” cleaning! I finally got a chance to swap out my winter and spring clothes for summer clothes. While doing so, I felt like I was missing a lot of stuff, but most likely I threw out or donated a lot of things after last summer. Does that ever happen to you? You declutter and organize and then forget what happened to things or where you put them?

No matter what time of year it is, cleaning is always in season. Cleaning products play an essential role in our daily lives, whether you buy them from a store or make them yourself.

There’s such a wide variety of cleaning products available in stores today, it’s sometimes hard to choose which ones are the best for your needs. I think most people, like myself, find a few products that work for them and buy those products again and again. But, I do like to try new products from time to time!

What type of cleaning products do you use most often (dusters, sprays, wipes, etc.)? Let me know in the comment section below!

Did You Know…

  • NCP panel members scanned nearly 4,800 unique UPC barcodes for cleaning products in the last 12 months!
  • The average price NCP panel members reported for an individual cleaning product in the last 12 months was around $4.30.
  • The top three months in which NCP panel members reported the most dollars spent on cleaning products in the last 12 months were:

1 – August
2 – July
3 – January

The least amount of dollars spent reported for cleaning products was in December.

  • The most popular store types where NCP panel members purchased cleaning products in the last 12 months, in no particular order, were:

Discount Stores

Warehouse Club

Grocery Stores

Hardware/Home Improvement Stores

Dollar Stores

Online Retailers

Drug Stores

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Cleaning Tools

Along with the wide variety of cleaning products available, there are many cleaning tools to choose from to go along with them.

According to apartmenttherapy.com, here’s a list of some essential cleaning tools every household should have:

Good sponges
Dish towels
Microfiber cloths
Spray bottle
Scrub brush
Broom, dustpan and mop

Panel Members: It’s important to remember to scan all of the cleaning items (for indoor and outdoor use) that you, or other household members, purchase. Manufacturers and retailers look closely at the purchases our panel members make, no matter what the time of year!

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