Turn Up The Heat!

Happy New Year every one! I hope you have health and happiness in the New Year.

I can’t believe how cold it’s been throughout the country. When will it warm up?

I usually do the bulk of my grocery shopping on Saturday. I don’t know about you, but I’m not looking forward to going out in the cold – just the thought of loading (and unloading) the car while braving the record low temps is not very inviting to me.

So allow me to fantasize a bit … ah, I’m dreaming of a nice, warm place to go for a few weeks.

I’d love to go to Hawaii one day. That’s been our dream vacation for years and years. What’s your dream vacation? Tell me all about it!

According to a survey from travel site TripAdvisor.com, these are the top 10 biggest dream trips:

  1. See the Northern Lights in Iceland
  2. Sleep in an overwater bungalow in Bora Bora
  3. Admire the sunset over Santorini (an Island in Greece)
  4. Take the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu
  5. Explore the Galapagos Islands
  6. Visit Italy’s Amalfi Coast
  7. Photograph the Big Five on safari at Kruger National Park, South Africa
  8. Take the ultimate road trip on Route 66
  9. Set foot on Antarctica
  10. Ride the Trans-Siberian railway

I don’t know about going to Antarctica right now, but Bora Bora sounds pretty good!

Happy Anniversary To NCP
This week marks the 8th anniversary of when the National Consumer Panel was formed. So, happy anniversary to us!

I hope you have a great weekend, and stay warm!

28 thoughts on “Turn Up The Heat!”

  1. I know you all are having some bad weather on the Northeast so I can only hope everyone stays safe. It’s in single digits here. I’m dreaming of cruise in May to keep me warm. 🙂

  2. I would Definitely say Bora Bora. Who wouldn’t want to see the beautiful ocean and the sweet sun beaming down while your laying in a hammock or swimming with ocean life.

  3. Have been to Hawaii many times, but it will always be my dream vacation! You have 2 of my top ten list – the Galapagos Islands and the Northern Lights. We also want to go to England, Ireland & France one of these days!

  4. I used to have going to Alaska on my bucket list but after this past week I’ve changed my mind. I’ve crossed out Alaska and added Hawaii and Bora Bora to my list. Just thinking about sitting in the sun on a beach drinking a fancy tropical drink with a little umbrella in it. Happy trails!

  5. Happy Anniversary to NCP!! I am trying to figure out why I took me so long to find it lol. I would love to go anywhere warmer right now. I wouldn’t be picky. Hope you all have a great year.

  6. Happy New Year to all NCP Panelist I am In Minnesota and it is bitter cold days Sunday January 7, 2018 it’s going to be 29 degrees then it drops back down o the fridged cold so I put on layers when it hit -20 below or colder, I could be in a warmer place in the USA but where would that be.

  7. During this cold time of the year I would definitely enjoy Greece. Been to Hawaii several times and it’s to humid for me there. Also would love to visit South Korea again as well as Japan; haven’t been there since I retired from the military; wouldn’t want to go there during the winter time though.

  8. You say the panel is 8 (eight) years old, but I have been a member since 2008. My math doesn’t seem to add up to 8.

  9. Boston was minus 2 degrees when we tied the record cold temperature set in 1896!
    Happy 8th Anniversary to NCP. I joined Homescan Consumer Panel Panel in 1996. I work very hard to have 100% participation in weekly scanning going on 22 years now.

  10. I just want temperatures to rise above the negative zero mark. If I wanted to live North of the arctic circle I would move there. Looking forward to a (praying) early mushroom season. I need to be out in the fresh spring air. All of you stay warm and comfy and hope there is a early spring for us all.

  11. Happy anniversary.
    I’m super excited to have finally been chosen to be a scanner member of ncp.
    I waited a loooong time for it to come available in my area.
    Thanks for choosing our household.
    Here’s to 8 more anniversaries.
    Cheers 🍻🎉🎊💕🍻🍾🍾🍾

  12. I lived on Ohau if you are planning a Vacation there here are a few tips to make your trip a happy one.
    Take. Off your rings your fingers will swell the first 24 hours it can be very painful if you can’t remove your ring bartenders will cut them off for you
    Do Not go in the water when the jellyfish signs are posted
    Jellyfish come in to breed every 28 days are aggressive and will sting meat tenderizer will releive some of the pain but staying out of the water will save you a. Trip to the ER
    Do not wade or swim in still water
    Do not touch the centapeeds they are pretty but are very aggressive have a toxic bite and sting
    Most catch a cold upon arival riding the bus is close quarters take cold meds with you they are expensive due to demand.
    Be kind to the homeless many of them were you before becoming stuck on the island with no way home.
    Do NOT count your money on the sidewalks or put it in your back pocket it will be gone before you walk to the corner of the block pickpockets are fast you will not see or feel them
    Do not leave money cameras valuables in your room or rent a car use the hotel safe put your money credit cards in your sock or bra and hold on to cameras and phones be aware of your surroundings and enjoy your vacation. Aloha

  13. I was a panel member before they changed the name. I have been a member since 1989, so that goes way way back. My husband and I would love to go to Australia. Maybe one of these years we will be able to go.

  14. I’d love to go on a vacation of any kind. As a single parent who’s sick you don’t go to many places.

    Anyhoo…would love to see the Caymans or Hawaii.

    They both make me think of anything & everything relaxing & peaceful.

    “Ah…Calgon take me away” haha…

  15. I was fortunate during my career to travel around the world, but out of all of the International travel destinations that I went to my two favorites are South Africa and Australia. I would return to both to see the areas I missed seeing in my whirlwind trips.

    But, for now, I am hoping to go on a long cruise — which is my favorite way to truly get away from it all. No phones, limited TV, and so many activities that you can help keep your weight gain to a minimum. (The food is over plentiful and delicious — like eating in a 5-star restaurant every evening.)

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