Our family, like so many others, unfortunately, have had to change our summer vacation plans due to the coronavirus. Instead of going away, we’ll be having a staycation this year.

Many are in the same position. According to a Harris Poll, only 29% said they planned a leisure trip between June and September of this year. In addition, just 47% stated that they will take a leisure trip between now and the end of 2020. The remaining half of consumers will not travel at all for leisure purposes until 2021 or later.

What are you planning to do this summer? Staycation, or are you able to get away some place? Tell us by leaving a comment in the section below.

Staycation Ideas

Since many aren’t able to go away, there are many staycation ideas that you can try. Here are a few, from New York Magazine’s thecut.com:

  • No phones! Put your phone away and do NOT look at it at all during your vacation. This is time for you to relax, and checking your phone oftentimes means upping your stress level.
  • Play “vacation” music. Listen to some tunes that remind you of a favorite vacation spot. For us, it would be playing “It’s a Small World” over and over again.
  • Prepare something that reminds you of a favorite vacation destination. Did you have a fantastic meal during a past getaway? Try to make your own, similar meal.
  • Ask your children to put on a talent show for you.
  • Have an indoor picnic. As part of this experience, put on a YouTube video featuring serene bird-sound effects.
  • Indoor camping. Similar to having an indoor picnic, but this time you sleep in a tent (even if you make your own tent) and listen to a cricket sound effect on YouTube, or maybe a crackling fire.

One last thing …

I’ll leave you with the words – sort of – from the Go Go’s:

Staycation, all I ever wanted
Staycation, had to get away
Staycation, meant to be spent alone
Staycation, all I ever wanted
Staycation, had to get away
Staycation, meant to be spent alone

Sorry, I really couldn’t help myself!

Have a nice weekend, and hope you’re able to get away – at least mentally.

Best Regards,

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