The Do You Think You Know NCP Sweepstakes ended on July 1st. We hope you had fun answering all the questions about NCP!

About the sweepstakes:

In continuing our celebration of NCP’s 10 year anniversary, this sweepstakes consisted of a survey containing 10 general knowledge questions about the National Consumer Panel. All eligible participants who completed the survey and answered all 10 questions correctly was entered into a random drawing.

We received tons of correct entries; out of those, we then randomly selected the 10 winners!

So, let’s give a round of applause for the 10 Do You Think You Know NCP Sweepstakes winners who will each receive a $25 Vanilla Visa E-Reward!

Congratulations to all the winners! And, a big thank you to all who participated!

Winners: Please check your email over the next few days for your e-gift card (or you may have received it already).

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Note: For privacy, we only used their first names and the first initial of their last name, as well as the first few letters of their email addresses.

Here are the answers to the 10 sweepstakes questions:

Q1: National Consumer Panel is a joint venture of which two companies?

A:  Nielsen and IRI

Q2: In what year was the joint venture, National Consumer Panel, formed?

A:  2010

Q3: Who writes the NCP Blog?

A:  Taylor Davis

Q4: In what month and year was the first NCP Blog post written?

A:  December 2015

Q5: What type of information do panel members provide to NCP?

A:  A and B only (A. Survey Data and B. Shopping Data)

Q6: What type of rewards do NCP panel members earn?

A:  B and C only (B. Sweepstakes Entries and C. Gift Points)

Q7: What NCP communication began in 2020 that features results of panel members’ data and information on a variety of topics?

A:  In The Know

Q8: What is the NCP Cares Program?

A:  A and C only (A. Offers NCP employees volunteer opportunities and C. Makes charitable donations to a variety of organizations)

Q9: What’s the name of the app NCP panel members use to record their purchases?

A:  NCPMobile

Q10: Complete this NCP slogan: Your Voice. Your Impact. Your ___________.

A:   Reward