Time To Get Away!

I can’t believe the year is (slightly) more than half over! Where does the time go?! So it’s time to start thinking about summer vacations!

My family usually tries to get away for a few days every summer. This year we’re going to Maine and perhaps visiting Acadia National Park. From what I’ve seen of it online, it’s simply beautiful!

While not everyone can go on a vacation, many people will do so this year, and they will end up spending a lot of money. According to marketwatch.com, Americans will spend a total of $101.1 billion on vacations this year, which is a 12.5% increase from 2016.

Some interesting vacation info from marketwatch.com: Generation Xers (those between the ages of 35 and 54) spend the most on a vacation, averaging $2,628 per person. Meanwhile, baby boomers only pay $1,865 on average, and millennials spend the least at $1,373.

According to marketwatch.com, 44% of Americans said they are confident that they will be able to take a trip this summer.

What about you? Are you able to get away this summer? (or at least have a nice, relaxing “staycation”?) If you are able to go away, where do you plan on going? Let me know!

Here are some nice family summer vacation locations (either within or close to the United States), according to usnews.com:

  • Ocean City, MD
  • Puerto Rico
  • Whistler, British Columbia
  • Niagara Falls
  • Myrtle Beach, SC
  • New York City
  • Bahamas
  • Minneapolis – St. Paul, MN
  • Vail, CO
  • Virginia Beach, VA
  • Boston, MA
  • Portland, OR
  • Jackson Hole, WY
  • U.S. Virgin Islands

And there are certainly hundreds of other great places to visit! So, if you have any suggestions for our readers, let me know!

Remember: So if you’re traveling and unable to record your purchases, please let us know by contacting the Panel Support Center by phone at 1-800-962-6700 or email support@ncponline.com.

If you’re an NCPMobile App user, you can continue to scan while away on vacation.

Have a great weekend!

24 thoughts on “Time To Get Away!”

  1. Newly single since August 2016 I will probably not go anywhere for vacations since I always spent it with my kids. I prefer spur-of-the-moment trips…road trips…unplanned ones.

  2. We went to Gatlinburg for a few days since it’s a great place to just relax even though we go every year a couple of times, it never gets old for me.

  3. I am currently in Acadia National park right now! I live about an hour away and we love it here! There is so much to see and do! Enjoy your getaway!

  4. Fully recovered from knee replacement so we’re doing a car trips to nearby cities (Phoenix now and Palm Springs this fall). Flying to Atlanta this summer as our big trip. Flew back to Nebraska for a high school reunion.

  5. I live in Florida and feel like every weekend is vacation, but I used to go on one big vacation (Italy is my fav) and one small vacation per year (Florida Keys). Work obligations prevent me from going on a vacation for now, but as soon as I retire I’m planning the ultimate: Grand Canyon, then stop in Los Angeles to see family, then on to Hawaii. I’m thankful that I’ve gone to Europe many, many times in the past because traveling abroad scares me for safety reasons now.

  6. Just got back from our outer banks vacation. Every other year our family meets in OBX. It’s a time to reconnect, catch up with my sisters, my adult kids and grandchildren and lets the cousins make memories to last a lifetime.

  7. Due to health reasons I won’t go anywhere this year. However I can’t wait to feel better again so I can make another trip to South Korea which is my favorite spot to vacation. Reasons I like it because you’re not dependent on your own transportation and are able to go just about anywhere in that country by rail, subway, bus or taxi all very reasonably priced. There’s just so much to do there that doesn’t require a lot or any money, like visiting museums, temples and outdoor gardens. Love hiking through the mountains under the shade of all the trees as well. Another of my favorite there are their amusement parks, especially Lotte World in Seoul that has an indoor amusement park so when it gets very hot or in winter very cold you can still enjoy all the fun with pool set up like a beach setting and there are water rides and ice skating plus the wonderful supermarkets and department stores all in the same place or visit the endless number of traditional outdoor markets for endless hours of shopping. Just make sure if you see a demonstration in Seoul (happens occasionally) avoid it and find an alternate way to where you were planning on going. Not all demonstrations are violent but it does happen. Been there 5 times and personally never has a problem.

  8. Asheville ,NC is my favorite spot, but love at the beach, so the mountains are just suc a nice change

  9. My family and I are on our way now to Panama City Beach, FL now. This is my home away from home as I pretty much have come to PCB just about every year of life. Knowing our way around makes it nice, and so much to do, you can never get bored. But just because I am on vacation, isn’t stopping me from my scanning lol. I just now have got my husband out of the habit of immediately throwing away receipts so I better not stop now LOL!!

  10. I want to go to New Jersey to visit my mom and brothers but I can’t not enough money to go. I have to take my youngest son with me to help me with the places that i have to go.

  11. I haven’t seen my daughters in a year so I will be traveling to Statesboro Georgia to see them. It’s hard being away from your kids but at least it gives me somewhere to go when I want to get away. While I’m there I’ll go to Augusta to do some shopping and dining. I’m going to make the most of my trip with them.

  12. We will be staying close to home. Will go on a weekend trip for a family reunion, but that’s only 3 hours away. My older son is going to Canada for a few days to visit a friend he met in Japan a couple of years ago.

  13. Nope not going on vacation. Just do not have the money for it. Found an awesome deal on Groupon to go skydiving so that is going to be my vacay. So excited!

  14. We went to Charlotte, NC for NASCAR about a month and a half ago. SOOOO FUN! And delicious! It was a great time, but I would easily weigh twice my current weight if I lived there.

  15. There are many beautiful beaches and lovely towns on the Great Lakes Lake Michigan has beautiful parks and dunes . Check out Sleeping Bear Dunes and Traverse City.

  16. We go anywhere our 1976 Airstream will go with us. Oh, we have fun, even if we pull her to our driveway and pretend we have left home.

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