My apologies. I was out sick for a while and wasn’t able to post a new blog until now. I am feeling much better.

But it got me thinking how we – or members of our households – get sick every now and then. And often we’re put on a prescription to help us get over our illness or injury. (Of course, many people are on meds for chronic ailments, too.)

If you do get a prescription medication, please make sure and tell us about it. Simply use the Rx Prescriptions listing – if you use one of our handheld scanners you should use the Barcode Reference Booklet (

If you are an NCPMobile App user, you have access to the list of items right at your fingertips in the Non-Barcoded Items list in the app.

Use the Rx Prescription listing for all your prescriptions and refills purchased in a store, online, or through mail order that do not have a UPC barcode. And of course, if you purchase any over-the-counter meds, be sure to record the barcodes with your scanner or the NCPMobile App, too!

Note: You don’t have to give us details about the prescription medicine; just tell us that you picked it up.

Important information for NCPMobile App users: Donald Lewis recently commented, noting that “It should have been mentioned that entering Rx purchases using a mobile device, you have to enter a price at least $0.01 even if like me, you have no co-pays. The old barcode scanner could accept a zero price.” Thank you, Donald!

Also, a few weeks ago we asked for readers to send in photos of their pets. Here are a few. Enjoy!

“This is our baby boy… POCKET. He will turn 7 years old in November. I named him Pocket because when he was just 6 weeks and a tiny pup he always had to be in the pocket of my fluffy robe…. Here he is eating an ice cream cone, made for dogs.”

“This is our dog, Kitty. We found her in our car one day 4 years ago, and never found the owners. She seems to be part chi and part pom.”

“I had to run downstairs and grab my kindle for this rare shot. The black and white tuxedo kitty, Soxi, is extremely shy and tends to run away from everyone. I was glad she stayed put long enough for this picture.”

“Lily is a puppy mill survivor. She’s nine years old and still has issues but I love her just the way she is!”

Jennie’s dogs

Thanks, and have a great day!

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