We all know that summertime is the most popular time to fire up the grill!

Personally, I like to grill at all times of the year! Except maybe in the winter if the temps are too low, or there’s snow on the ground, at that point it might be too cold for me…and the grill!

Do you have a grill? If so, how often do you use it?

According to research by HPBA (2023 State of the Barbecue Industry), the most popular grilling days of the year continue to be:

Fourth of July

Memorial Day

Father’s Day

Labor Day

Fall and winter grilling has increased in recent years for these holidays and events:


Christmas or Hanukkah

New Year’s Day

Super Bowl

Valentine’s Day

The top reasons for grilling have remain unchanged since the most recent study:

For the flavor

For the lifestyle

For entertainment

For the convenience

As a hobby

Favorite Meat to Grill by State

Let’s take a look at some fun BBQ stats from a 2022 survey conducted by Traeger.

According to their survey, 42% of respondents said they grill one day a week. Around 23% said they grill two days a week, and 13% said they grill three days a week.

What was the favorite meat to grill in each state at the time of the survey? Let’s take a look!

As you’ll see, the favorite by a landslide was…Hamburgers!

Alabama: Hamburgers
Alaska: Steaks
Arizona: Hamburgers
Arkansas: Hamburgers
California: Steak
Colorado: Hamburgers
Connecticut: Hamburgers
Delaware: Hamburgers
Florida: Chicken
Georgia: Hamburgers
Hawaii: Hamburgers
Idaho: Hamburgers
Illinois: Hamburgers
Indiana: Hamburgers
Iowa: Hamburgers
Kansas: Hamburgers
Kentucky: Hamburgers
Louisiana: Hamburgers
Maine: Hamburgers
Massachusetts: Hamburgers
Michigan: Hamburgers
Minnesota: Hamburgers
Mississippi: Hamburgers
Missouri: Hamburgers
Montana: Hamburgers
Nebraska: Hamburgers
Nevada: Hot dogs
New Hampshire: Hamburgers
New Jersey:
New Mexico: Hamburgers
New York: Hamburgers
North Carolina: Hamburgers
North Dakota: Hamburgers
Ohio: Hamburgers
Oklahoma: Hamburgers
Oregon: Hamburgers
Pennsylvania: Hot dogs
Rhode Island: Hamburgers
South Carolina: Hamburgers
South Dakota: Steaks
Tennessee: Steaks
Texas: Hamburgers
Utah: Hamburgers
Vermont: Hamburgers & Chicken
Virginia: Hamburgers
Washington: Hamburgers
West Virginia: Hamburgers
Wisconsin: Hamburgers
Wyoming: Hamburgers

(This list did not include Washington, DC).

What’s your favorite food to grill? Let me know in the comment section below!

For NCP Panel Members

Summer is a busy time for many. Scanning consistently throughout the year, and especially in the busy summer months, is so important.

Please make sure to scan all of your BBQ-related purchases (burgers, hot dogs, buns, condiments, paper plates & plastic utensils, marinades, grilling tools, charcoal & lighter fluid, etc.). Thank you!

I hope you’re having a fun summer so far!


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