We buy and give gifts at all different times throughout the year. But, from time to time, the summer months may be filled with lots of events for which you need to buy a gift such as high school and college graduations, engagements, bridal and baby showers, and more.

When it comes to gift giving for any type of occasion, many people now turn to buying gift cards, including me!

The Popularity of Gift Cards

Gift cards have become very popular due to their convenience and ease of purchase. Gift cards not only give the recipient the freedom to buy whatever they want, they take the stress off the gift giver who is usually left wondering if they made the right choice when buying an actual physical gift.

So, what are some of the reasons why people prefer to give gift cards? Let’s take a look at this list from Business Insider.

Gift cards can be the preferred gift to…

Treat someone who doesn’t usually prioritize themselves (such as giving a gift card to a spa, hair salon, etc.)
– Support someone whose interests and hobbies you don’t know much about
– Keep on top of someone’s changing interests
– Make sure someone gets the gift they want
– Support small businesses that you love

When it’s time to buy a gift, do you prefer to buy a gift card? Let me know in the comment section below!

Wrapping It Up

Sure, it’s simple and convenient to buy a gift card and slip it inside a greeting card or into a small gift bag with tissue paper. But, if you have the time, there are ways to wrap it up with a little creativity!

Many stores, both online and physical stores, now sell fun gift card holders such as ones with a variety of designs on them, ones that have a pop-up image when opened, and even ones shaped like a toolbox, a book, etc.

Check out these fun gift card wrapping ideas from cozymeal.com:

Pair the gift card with a small, inexpensive gift item related to the gift card you’re giving.
– Put the gift card in a candy jar full of the recipient’s favorite treats.
– Pair the gift card with the recipient’s favorite beverage which could be anything from a bottle of wine to their favorite coffee, soda, or other beverage.
– Attach the gift card to an inexpensive small toy or stuffed animal; such a fun idea for a child’s gift.
– Attach the gift card to art or classroom supplies as a fun gift card presentation for end-of-year teacher gifts. You could also put the gift card in a bouquet of markers or pencils.
– Include some small/travel-size bath and body care items with a personal care/beauty products store gift card such as small cosmetics, perfumes, bath gels, or lotions.
– Create a custom gift pouch or bag for the gift card from recycled paper, leftover gift wrap, or even the comics section of a newspaper.

Scanning Tips For NCP Panel Members

Gift cards sometimes have a barcode on them, but that barcode should not be scanned. If you buy a gift card, along with other items, please include the cost of the gift card in the total amount spent of your shopping trip. If you only buy a gift card and no other items, you won’t be able to report the gift card purchase.

Reminder about gifts: Only scan gifts you buy for others, please don’t scan gifts you receive.


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