Do your shopping habits typically change during the summer months? Do you shop more, shop less, or shop the same as you do at other times of year? I find that mine change slightly, I buy a little more food than usual during the summer (including fresh fruits and vegetables from farmer’s markets), but not much of other items such as clothing, shoes, etc. If you have children, maybe you’ve been picking up school and/or college supplies throughout the summer. I know I have.

Summer Vibes

With the relaxing vibe and vacation attitude that summer brings, people may tend to impulse buy more in summer than at other times of the year. This can happen while strolling through a new town on vacation and browsing in all the little shops, or even stopping in the gift shops at an amusement park.

This summer may be a little different for many than those in the recent past due to inflation concerns. But, according to survey results shared by, Americans still plan on taking part in several of the usual summer activities.

When asked what the plans were during 2022 summer travel, survey respondents mentioned these activities:

Go to the beach: 47%

Catch up with people: 39%

Go shopping: 36%

Camp: 30%

Do adventurous activities: 27%

Go to an amusement park: 26%

Many also said they planned to spend the same or more on travel this summer, compared to last summer:

Plan to spend significantly more: 35%

Plan to spend about the same: 46%

Plan to spend significantly less: 15%

Don’t know/not sure: 5%

Info For Panel Members:

We know our panel members are busy over the summer going to the beach, on vacation, entertaining and/or attending events, etc. We want to remind our members that scanning consistently throughout the year, and especially in the summer months, is so important. We need weekly shopping data from all panel members in order to provide accurate reports to clients and make our members’ shopping opinions known.

Your consumer voice really does make a difference as product manufacturers and retailers rely on NCP’s panel members’ shopping data to make important business decisions.

We appreciate your dedication to the panel every week of the year! Thank you!

Enjoy the rest of the summer! Have fun!

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