From family celebrations to gift shopping and more, the responses to our recent Holiday Happenings Survey truly captured the holiday chaos and cheer of our NCP community. Whether you’re surrounded by festive decorations or enjoying a warm cup of cocoa, we hope you enjoy the findings of our final “In The Know” of the year.

Celebrating the Winter Holidays…

December is filled with activities and celebrations! We asked panel members how they plan to celebrate the season and who they will spend it with. Here’s what they had to say:

– 31% celebrate both at home and visiting others
– 28% celebrate with immediate family only
– 20% visit family/friends
– 12% host family/friends in their home
– 9% don’t plan to celebrate

Holiday Traveling…

The holiday season is a busy time for travel, and we wondered how much traveling our panel members do this time of year.

– 63% travel by car
– 29% don’t travel
– 7% travel by air
– Less than 1% travel by train or bus

How far are people traveling?

– 33% travel less than 25 miles
– 18% travel between 25-50 miles
– 14% travel between 50-100 miles
– 35% travel 100 or more miles

Holiday Greetings and Decor…

Do you mail cards during this time of year?

– 54% mail holiday cards to family/friends
– 46% do not

We also asked this question on our Facebook page recently, check out the post to see what fellow panel members had to say!

As for decorating at the holidays, here’s what you had to say:

– 39% decorate after Thanksgiving
– 33% decorate early to mid-December
– 13% don’t decorate at all
– 10% decorate before Thanksgiving
– 6% decorate mid to late December

We also asked where you like to decorate!

– 85% favor decorating inside their home
– 15% prefer decorating outside their home

Shopping and Gift Giving…

The budget:

– 3% plan to spend nothing
– 28% will spend up to $250
– 30% will spend between $250-$500
– 16% will spend between $501-$750
– 12% will spend $751-$1000
– 11% will spend more than $1000

What type of shopping will you do?

– 74% will shop both in-store and online
– 14% will shop online only
– 13% will shop in-store only

What types of stores will you shop?

– 60% purchase most gifts from retail stores
– 27% purchase from online retailers only

The remaining will shop at boutiques, local stores, dollar stores, convenience stores, and more.

What types of gifts will you buy?

– 28% mostly purchase gift cards
– 24% purchase clothing
– 13% purchase toys
– 8% buy electronics
– 5% buy food

The remaining purchase jewelry, small appliances, ornaments, tools, etc.

That’s it for this edition of “In The Know”. Got a topic you would like to see covered at “ITK”? Let us know!

Holiday Reminders

Our Panel Support Center will be closed on Monday, Dec. 25, to allow our representatives to spend time with their families. It will also be closed the following Monday, Jan. 1, for New Year’s Day.

Don’t forget to continue scanning your last-minute holiday purchases, including food, gifts, and other supplies!

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