Do you usually make lots of small purchases throughout the week, or do you tend to have big shopping trips?

If you have a large family, or if you make large shopping trips on a regular basis, be sure to watch this video! James shares tips that will help make scanning those purchases a little easier for you.

Hi, James here from NCP. We know that scanning large shopping trips takes time and you want to get everything put away, but it’s very important that we know about all the items you’ve purchased. Here’s a few tips that will hopefully make scanning those big shopping trips a little easier. Some of these suggestions even came from your fellow panel members!

First, when you get home from shopping, try lining up the items on a counter or table. Alternatively, you can scan items as you take them out of the bag to put away.

Keep your receipts handy. Remember, you’re not scanning your receipts but you want to keep them close to double check the prices of some of your purchases. Plus you can cross items off the receipt as you’re scanning to make sure you’ve included them.

Scan refrigerated or frozen items first. Separating items by perishable and non- perishable can help too. If possible, have a family member member or housemate help you-they can read off prices from the receipt as you scan and even put things away.

Don’t forget, if you’re having trouble scanning a barcode, double tap the screen to clear up any blurriness. If you have to manually enter the barcode number because it won’t scan, be sure to enter all the numbers under the barcode. UPC barcodes provide NCP with far more information about the items you’ve purchased than scanning a receipt would. Some receipts, for example, only provide a description of the item-not the actual UPC barcode. For many retailers and manufacturers, barcode data is the gold standard in market research.

We hope you found these scanning tips helpful. Tell us what you think of our video in the comments below. If you have any scanning tips you’d like to share let us know that too! Thanks for watching.

I hope this video was helpful! Do you have any questions about scanning purchases for large shopping trips? Or, maybe you have tips to share with other panel members- be sure to let us know in the comments! Don’t forget to subscribe to NCP’s YouTube channel, where we have all kinds of videos to help make your panel membership a good experience.


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