I keep a wide variety of frozen vegetables in my freezer, how about you? Sometimes I wonder if I will ever use them all. But, the reason behind it is that I have a bad habit of not eating fresh veggies before they go bad. I always set out with the best intentions, buying all different types of greens, and then, it happens. I forget about them, and when I’m ready to use them, they are all soggy and spoiled. Ugh! So, one of my solutions (besides better meal planning) was to buy more frozen vegetables (of course I still buy fresh, too!).

On NCP’s Facebook page, we recently asked if there was a preference of canned vs. frozen vegetables. Most of our panel members and followers said they prefer frozen over canned.

What type of vegetables do you buy most often? Fresh, frozen, or canned? Let me know in the comments section. I would love to hear from you!

A recent weekly Instant Poll on NCP’s panel member website asked “What type of vegetables do you buy most often?” The results of this poll were Fresh 51%, Frozen 28%, Canned 20%, and 1% said they don’t buy vegetables.

NCP Panel Stats

So, what do our panel members prefer according to the purchase data we’ve collected? Check out our panel member data from 2021.

When it comes to frozen vs. fresh vs. canned vegetables, here’s the ranking based on panel members’ dollars spent:

1 – Fresh Vegetables
2 – Frozen Vegetables
3 – Canned Vegetables

The most popular canned vegetables among panel members were:

Green Beans

*Yes, we know, tomatoes are technically a fruit. They are listed as a vegetable for this reference. 

The most popular frozen vegetables among panel members were:

Potatoes (includes french Fries and hash browns)
Mixed vegetables

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Canned Veggies

All canned vegetables may not appear appetizing, but many are inexpensive, easy to prepare, and even taste just as good as their fresh alternatives.

According to foodsguy.com, these are some of the best canned vegetables:

Green Beans
Artichoke Hearts

Frozen Veggies

Frozen vegetables are a great alternative to fresh as they’re flash-frozen and will retain nutrients without spoiling. They’re great to have on hand to use as needed for recipes and to incorporate into many different types of meals.

According to eatthis.com, some of the best frozen vegetables are:
Butternut squash
Brussel sprouts
Green beans

Whatever your preference is when it come to vegetables; fresh, frozen, or canned, it’s always a good idea to incorporate them into your daily meals.

Panel members: All purchases count, and all vegetables count, so please don’t forget to scan all the different types of vegetables you buy! Thank you!

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