The cereal aisle in any store is overwhelming to me, do you feel the same way? There are so many varieties to choose from, it’s hard to decide what to buy, especially if you’re looking to try something new. My kids are easy to shop for when it comes to cereal, because they just won’t give up their favorites, no matter how hard I try to convince them to try a new kind. As for my husband and I, we like to rotate different ones every couple of months or so.

Many people I know very rarely steer away from their favorite cereal(s). Most are brand loyal and will only try different ones if they’re from the same brand.

If you’re a fan of cereal, do you like to try different ones, or have you been buying your same favorite(s) for as long as you can remember?

Did You Know…

NCP panel members scanned nearly 3,200 unique UPC barcodes for ready-to-eat cereal in 2021.

In 2021, NCP panel members reported the most cereal purchases in spring, followed by winter, summer, and fall.

The average cost of a box of cereal reported by NCP panel members in 2021 was $3.42.

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Fun Facts About Cereal

Here are some fun facts about cereal that you might find interesting from

– The term “cereal” comes from Ceres, ancient Roman goddess of agriculture.
– The cereal industry in the United States uses over 400 million kilograms of sugar per year.
– Kellogg’s Corn Flakes were eaten by astronauts aboard Apollo 11 which made the first landing on the Moon. It was mixed with fruit and pressed into cubes to make them easier to eat in the conditions of zero gravity.
– 50% of Americans eat cereal for breakfast every day.
– One of the predecessors of breakfast cereal was popcorn which American colonists used to eat with cream and sugar.
– The first company to have an advertisement on the Times Square billboard in New York was Kellogg’s.
– Battle Creek, Michigan is considered the “Cereal Capital of the World” because it is the hometown of Kellogg and Post, two of the four largest cereal manufacturers in the world.
– Over 2.7 billion packages of cereal are sold every year.
– The United States is 4th in world-wide cereal consumption. Before them are Ireland, England and Australia.

Panel Members: Don’t forget to scan all of your cereal purchases – thank you!

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